Vacuum Insulated Wide Mouth Stainless Steel Sweat Proof Water Bottle , 32 Ounce , Black

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Each year we use enough plastic water bottles to circle the globe many times over . Our oceans are littered with them . They’re everywhere . Why? Because they are handy . Well , so is this affordable stainless water bottle . Easy to clean , simple to refill and insulated for sweatproof performance . And , forget brands with a flip straw . They’re impossible to keep clean ! This 946 mililiter bottle makes washing easy . The widemouth allows you to get scrubby wands into all the corners . Stop using disposable plastic waterbottles , and make the eco friendly choice with this reusable canteen bottle .

FDA food grade materials are all we use to manufacture these amazing bottles . When you wake up the next day , and your drink still has ice cubes floating in it , you’ll grin , and remember reading this . This bottle will keep your liquids from losing their temperature hours , and is designed to be lightweight and portable . Take it with you on life’s adventures , or just around town . Safe to carry around with your electronics , as it will not ever sweat , guaranteed .

If you are into bicycle riding , camping , yoga , Pilates , Fitness , mountain hiking , backpacking , or just like to have pure , fresh tasting water while you’re at work , in the car , or at school , look no further . This bottle won’t break your piggy bank , and gets the job done . And best of all , unlike the endless brands of plastic bottles out there , there are no nasty chemical tastes leeching out of the bottle , and back into your water , putting you at risk of all kinds of problems down the road . Our bottles go through rigorous independent third party testing to ensure they are safe for you and your family . And unlike the other sellers , we have the paperwork to prove it . 100% lifetime warranty and satisfaction guarantee . We’ll refund your purchase if you don’t think this is the best premium vacuum-insulated water bottle you’ve ever used .

Product Features

  • BPA / BPB/ Phthalate free 18/8 stainless-steel with attractive matte black powder coated finish
  • Double wall construction keeps beverages cold for up to 24 hours and warm for up to 12
  • Screw top lid is attached so you can’t lose it , also allows attaching to your other gear
  • Wide mouth makes hydration a breeze , and helps make washing easier
  • Lifetime warranty and Satisfaction Guarantee included on every purchase


Justine says:

“Coolest” water bottle purchase I have had this bottle for about a week, and it is the best water bottle I have ever purchased. Overall, I think this is the best purchase you can make during the summer. In 80+ degree weather and unbearable humidity, all you can ask for is a water bottle that keeps water cool, and you hydrated for when you need it the most, and this bottle delivers 100%. 

Jack P says:

Great for keep your drinks cold As someone who works in law enforcement I never have access to a fridge to keep my stuff cold.Well this bottle is great for keeping you water cold. I can be on a 12 hour shift and the ice I put into the water in the morning is still there which is amazing. So I use this bottle to hold my cold drinking water and another bottle to hold a larger amount of water that isn’t insulated.Great bottle. I like the feel and the rough finish on the outside for better grip.

blank T. Judson says:

company even did a follow up withme, which as a customer I appreciate. I work outside in Southern California. Its warm a lot, its hot often. I stopped carrying an ice cooler around and started carrying these 321Strong vacuum bottles full of ice. 

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