Veggie Tales: Lord of the Beans, A Lesson in Using Your GIfts

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VeggieTales: Lord of the Beans follows the fantastic journey of a Flobbit named Toto Baggypants (Junior Asparagus) who inherits a most unusual and powerful bean. With the help of his mentor Randalf and a spirited group of friends, Toto embarks on a mission to discover how he should use his gift. On their quest, the group encounters many challenges, including crossing the mountains of Much-Snowia, and facing the dreaded Lord Scaryman – who seeks the bean for misguided, selfish reasons. Will Toto discover the purpose of his gift, or will the scary dude and his Spork army capture the bean and wield its awesome powers? Find out in VeggieTales: Lord of the Beans.

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Anonymous says:

Great parody with a valuable lesson about using your gifts. I grew up on the original veggie tales and now my kids are enjoying them as well. The parodies like “Lord of the Beans” (Lord of the Rings) provide great fun for parents watching with their kids and the kids get some fun entertainment with a good lesson. My wife and I especially enjoyed the “Sporks” (Orcs).

Anonymous says:

Sharing Your Gift The “VeggieTales” gang have done it again. “Lord of the Beans” is a wonderful tale built around (obviously) the “Lord of the Rings” films and the books they are based on. In this particular tale, Jr. Asparagus is Toto Baggypants, who is given a magical bean that can make anything happen and grants all of its owner’s desires. Of course, this poses a dilemma since Toto doesn’t know what to do with his gift. He decides to journey to the land of Woe to find out what he must do with his gift…

blank Anonymous says:

and Lord of the Rings is my favorite book series/fandom of all time Okay, I’m a nerd. I bought this, as an adult, for myself. Yeah…. But I loooved Veggie Tales when I was a kid, and Lord of the Rings is my favorite book series/fandom of all time, and I thought this was such a cute little parody when I watched it at the Day Care I used to work for, so I got it for myself. I really do love it!

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