Vitchelo V800 Headlamp Flashlight with Red LED, Blue

June 6, 2017 - Comment
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Introducing “VITCHELO® V800 PREMIUM CREE LED Headlamp” – The Best VALUE Headlamp for YOUR MONEY on Amazon.

Have You Ever Seen Those Complains About Headlamps?

• No red light or just a flashing one.
• SINGLE button that controls both red & white light (even some best selling headlamps on Amazon have such issue).
• Not waterproof.
• High light beam distance too short (very risky).
• Battery life that sucks…


• Integrates 2 RED lights, both FLASHING & STEADY red lights that make reading more practical.
• 2 SEPARATED press-buttons for white and red lighting (WAY MORE CONVENIENT TO USE).
• Can see as far as 110 meters instead of just 30m (WAY BRIGHTER).
• 6 levels of lighting mode.
• Elastic headband soft, comfortable, strong and very good looking.
• Long battery life (3 AAA DURACELL batteries INCLUDED), lightweight and durable.
• Great for running, jogging, camping, fishing, biking, hunting, hiking, climbing, kayaking, walking your dog at night…

Here Are Some key Points:

• Beam angle 45° adjustable for oriented lighting (ADJUSTABLE BEAM).
• CREE R3 cool white w/reflector 168 lumens (SUPER BRIGHT).
• Water resistant IPX6 instead of just IPX4 (HUGE BENEFIT).
• CE and RoHS certified.

When you buy a VITCHELO® V800 headlamp, you also get a free silicone wristband included inside the package (a $4.5 value gift).

Click the “Add to Cart” button now and get your FREE silicone bracelet with your PREMIUM headlamp.

Product Features

  • LONG BATTERY LIFE: Each VITCHELO head-lamp have been tested, works great and includes 3 BRAND NEW AAA DURACELL batteries that provide up to 120 hours of lighting.
  • EASY TO USE: Having 2 SEPARATED BUTTONS for either RED LED or WHITE light makes choosing the right mode very convenient.
  • Best led headlamp flashlight for runner, camper, hiker, hunter, fisherman, climber, biker, cyclist, jogging, shooting, reading, caving, kayaking, housing, construction work, auto repair, walking dog at night hands-free
  • ADJUSTABLE Beam. Lightweight. DURABLE. Comes w/ a soft, comfortable, strong and very good looking elastic headband.
  • The VITCHELO V800 lamp head with red led light is SUPER BRIGHT, you can see details at a distance up to 110 meters.


pcg says:

Bang for the buck! Just received this head lamp and it seems that someone finally realized that folks don’t want to “step through’ 23 different settings each time they turn on their light. Having separate switches for red and white lights is very convenient, and the “touch to full” feature will likely prove helpful as well. For those that missed it (I almost did); what I mean by “touch to full” is this – once you turn on the light (red or white), you can hold down the button until it dims to…

jared says:

it goes. I purchased this some time ago for my trip down to Costa Rica with the need of a headlamp for helping save sea turtles. The white light is great and the separate settings are perfect. The red light could be a bit stronger but it served its purpose wonderfully. Having said this, the red light on this headlamp exceeded all other headlamps’ abilities brought in by other individuals. I used this light for 19 days straight. It went through pouring rain, the spray of the ocean, humid conditions,…

Somebody says:

Had a Black Diamond for years that I liked better. While this had the red and white … Had a Black Diamond for years that I liked better. While this had the red and white lights which was nice, it was a pretty ‘average’ headlamp. The killer is that I dropped it and the plastic hinge broke and cannot be fixed. While it was an ok unit it is NOT very durable- made from light weight plastic – if you drop it, there is a good chance it will break. Will not buy from this manufacturer again. 

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