Water filter, Countertop filter system, Wingsol Tap Water Purifier Filter Water Purifying Device for Home Kitchen, water purifier with ABS plastic

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WS-CT002 Prodcut description:

Product Function

WS-CT002 can reduce heavy metals/contaminants and improve water taste.

It includes MicroNose inside which is verified against NSF/ANSI 61 to remove 99% of arsenic and 90% of lead, mercury, manganese, cadmium, nickel, chrome, ect.;

WS-CT002 is featured by durable cartridge and adaptors solving the cracking and water leaking problems.

No tool is required to install WS-CT002. Adaptors included, fit for most sink.

The water flow is about 4L/min initially and no need to wait a long time for a cup of fresh water. When the water flow is slow down, you can refresh the filter by cleaning it (refer to the user’s manual).

Suggest to replace the filter at each 800 gallons or 12 months (depending on the water quality & usage frequency).

WS-CT002 filtration media contain

The advanced compound filtration technology applies to WS-CT002 and it greatly purifies the water. The filtration media includes ceramic wall, activated carbon, KDF and MicroNose.

The ceramic wall: the average aperture of the ceramic wall is 0.1um. A lot of water impurities are removed such as coli, salmonella, MRSA, rust, and particles.

The activated carbon: the Japan-made carbon greatly reduces chlorine, odor, organics, lead, cyanide, ect. And it improves the water taste also.

The KDF: the function has been verified by NSF and WQA already. It is a reliable and safe material. KDF reducesĀ  heavy metals like lead, mercury, copper, nickel, cadmium, arsenic, antimony, fluorine, ect. And the KDF also restrains the bacteria reproduction.

MicroNose: this filtration media is from California, removing arsenic and toxic heavy metals without chemical adjustment. This material is proved by NSF reducing carcinogenic, nitrates , and heavy metal ( 99% arsenic, mangenese, ect.).

Product Features

  • 1. Counter top filter with ABS plastic, Cracking-proof and no-leakage,Cracking-proof and no-leakage;
  • 2. NSF recognized filtration media inside, removing 99% arsenic, 99% lead, chrome 97%, 90% mercury, chlorine;
  • 3. Water filter system produces continuous supply of fresh, crisp, wonderful-tasting water from the tap, purify water and improve taste
  • 4. Easy-to-install, no tools required, no plumber required;
  • 5. When to Replace the Filter? – Refreshable and Washable filters. Each filter provides up to 800 gallons of clean water or 12 months of use (depend on water quality & usage frequency);


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