Where’s the Next Shelter?

May 10, 2019 - Comment
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Where’s the Next Shelter? is the true story of three travelers on the Appalachian Trail, a 2,000-mile hike that stretches from Georgia to Maine, told from the perspective of Gary Sizer, a seasoned backpacker and former marine who quickly finds himself humbled by the endeavor. He teams up with Megan, a sassy college grad whose indomitable spirit eclipses her lack of experience; and Lemmy, a cartoonist from overseas whose off-kilter commentary on the wonders and frustrations of the trail keeps everyone laughing.

Sprawling through the woods and towns of the Appalachian Mountains, the trail carries the trio through real and fanciful ups and downs ranging from hilarious to perilous. Much more than an orderly account of mountaintops and meals, this book is an adventure about friends figuring things out as they go. It’s about screwups and solutions, awe and inspiration.

If you long for the horizon or to sleep under the stars, then come along for the hike of a lifetime. All you have to do is take the first step.


Anonymous says:

I was actually sad and upset when this book ended – wish it had been many, many pages longer! I read a lot of books; first hand accounts of epic hikes primarily dealing with the Big 3. At my age and with my health issues my long hiking days are far behind me but I must say that I enjoy my armchair adventures with the men and women still active in this wonderful pastime.Of the books I have read, i.e. those dealing with the Appalachian Trail, this one, ‘Where’s the Next Shelter’ has to rank right up there with the top three or five. Gary Sizer got it right! And not only did…

Anonymous says:

Not the same old book about a Thru-Hike Because I love the Appalachian Trail, I read lots of books by the thru-hikers. Most are about the same with a day by day rehash of their adventure. Where’s The Next Shelter starts off very similar, but soon there is a group of people who stick together – although not all the time – they were strangers at first, but became a family. Gary doesn’t list everyone he meets, doesn’t do a day to day recap, skips unimportant days and shelters. He is honest when describing his injuries, joys and the…

blank Anonymous says:

I’d say that I usually like every book on some level Somehow, I found myself on a mission to read every thru hike story available for Kindle. I’ve one-clicked my way across a couple of months reading a book or two per week. Overall, I’d say that I usually like every book on some level, and I think I’ve only not finished one purchase. I owe lots of people reviews and I intend to get to them all! Except the one that sucked. I’ll just let it suck.This book, however, out of like the twenty or so I’ve read, is easily top three. If Bryson…

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