XMmux Trekking Poles Adjustable Set Aluminum Telescopic Hiking Pole with Quick Locks Lever Lock and Ergonomic Grip,2pc

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Trekking poles

Hiker trekking pole is designed to reduce impact on knees and hip joints while you are hiking on rough terrains. It is perfect for traveling hikers, mountaineers and trekkers who prefer a lightweight and compact design.
Why using trekking poles? Helpful for hiking traveling camping.Keep balance and improve stability.Reduce energy consumption and increase speed.

Why choose this Carbon trekking?
The tungsten steel-tipped ends reduces strain and stress on your ankle and knee joints. Aids with uphill treks. Interchangeable tips allow you to switch between tungsten-carbide tips, rubber tips, and rubber feet to account for Changing trail surfaces. Make your walking stick for hiking go smoothly in any terrain.

Works in Different Types of Terrain

-Enhance breathing.
-Prevent injuries.
-Reduce pains in joints muscle.

Package Size:27.56in*2.28in*2.28in
Package Weight:2.15lb

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Product Features

  • [High-quality materials] XMmux is made of ultra-light aluminum alloy, which is more suitable for long-distance walking, better to withstand pressure and impact. It is very important if you walk on rocky terrain or support heavier weight. At the bottom, we are equipped with tungsten steel, the quality is very hard, we have prepared accessories for you to adapt to a variety of terrain such as snow, gravel roads.
  • [Pursuing more comfortable] The first section of the XMmux handle is a non-slip natural cork grip that is comfortable to hold, absorbs moisture and absorbs moisture, and keeps the hands cool and dry during long walks. The second section is made of soft EVA foam for easy use in rugged terrain without the need to adjust the length frequently to easily cope with sudden changes in rugged routes and terrain.
  • [Lighting Design] XMmux adds the latest lighting design to the trekking pole, so you can easily get in the dark environment, you don’t have to buy other lighting equipment.
  • [Easy lock adjustment] XMmux external lock adjustment becomes more convenient, easy to adjust the length, adapt to various heights, you can adjust the trekking pole to the length that suits you best, and you don’t have to worry about sudden loosening during support, XMmux mountaineering The stick is very strong.
  • [Adjustable wristband] XMmux has designed a more convenient wristband. You can adjust the wristband to the right size according to your own habits. There is no restraint and you can keep the trekking pole firmly on your hand. If you have any questions, you can contact us, our after-sales team is very willing to serve you! We hope that every customer can buy the best trekking poles.


Anonymous says:

Great deal! Excellent product. Sturdy great source of feet and no slip with the cork grips.

Anonymous says:

Good product The trekking poles are strong and easily adjustable. Very lightweight and work as a pole should. I strongly recommend!

Anonymous says:

Lightweight trekking poles Got this set of trekking poles because of all the attachments and the nice zip up bag it comes with. Helps me keep all the attachments and poles neatly packed away when not in use and they feel light and sturdy. I use primarily for river crossings and these worked great without getting lose and staying the same length. Great set of poles for the price and would recommend for any hike.

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