YIERBLUE Rechargeable spotlight, Super Bright 6000 Lumen LED Flashlight Handheld spotlight 10000mAh Long Lasting Large Flashlight Searchlight and Flood Camping Flashlight (Silver)

February 10, 2020 - Comment
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After reading one-star customer opinions of other products , are you suspicious that the led spotlight doesn’t hold a long life or the switch is easily broken in using or the rechargeable searchlight is not bright enough? Choose us,none of them is a problem.

A rechargeable super bright flashlight with serious lasting power: No need to endlessly pay for batteries. This Updated tent lantern is made with a long-lasting, rechargeable 18650 Lithium-Ion battery(10000mAh) .It can be recharged over 1000 times.


Durable and intelligent switch: According to a lot of viewpoints about the buttons from users for our old spot lights , we specially carried out pressing tests on the switch and upgraded. Now you don’t need to worry about the button failure at all.


Non-Fading Brightness: A dedicated integrated-circuit and intelligent illumination driver ensure consistent lighting everytime you turn on handheld led spotlight .


As a professional led light research and development company, we put users at the center of our decisions. According to the user’s opinions ,we conducted market research for each product and collected the problems encountered by users. And then,we made improvements and upgrades. We’re always providing the most cost-effective led flashlights.


At YIERBLUE, we believe in our spotlight flashlight. That’s why lifetime warranty and 90-day money back guarantee are carried out. Anything else to hesitate about? Please order right away!

Product Features

  • A ULTRA BRIGHT HEAVY DUTY FLASHLIGHT: Super-bright 6000 lumen(max) Cree 2 LED light generates a brilliant focused spot beam whose illumination distance is over 2600ft/800m. Battery life is over 20 hours. Features 3 adaptable settings: High / Low / Flash(Long press the switch for 3 seconds). Just this battery-powered led rechargeable flashlight is enough for us deal with all darkness.
  • EXTAR FLOOD SIDE LIGHT: The 24 led beads are evenly distributed on the side of the high lumen flashlight body. If you need to see something close when repairing, working, reading, camping, our YIERBLUE soft flood flashlight is the perfect while most strong lights will hurt your eyes. You can use it as a camping lantern. Features 3 adaptable settings: High / Low / Red&Blue(Long press the switch for 3 seconds).
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY&24-HRS ONLINE AFTER-SALE SERVICE: Despite our best efforts,we still can’t guarantee that our spotlight flashlight are 100% trouble-free. We feel very bad about it and are actively working on solutions. If you receive a defective spot light, contact us and we will immediately send you a replacement unit for free. NO RETURN REQUIRED. And don’t worry about that Amazon’s return window was closed.Contact us at [email protected]
  • EXTENDED BATTERY LIFE: Stop searching for batteries that are never there when you need them. Our big flashlight features 3 long-lasting, built-in rechargeable 18650 lithium-ion batteries(10000mAh), which can be recharged over 1000 times. And our emergency spotlight can also serve as a power bank for smartphone or mobile devices in emergency, bringing you much convenience to your outdoor travel.
  • SUPER DURABLE&PORTABLE: Refuse to use inferior materials. Our high power flashlights made from tough, impact resistant military-grade ABS material and aluminum alloy can protect the system from drops and bumps while in use. It is a perfect lighting tool for hiking, camping, sailing or hunting. Includes adjustable and foldable tripod stand for hands-free use.


Anonymous says:

SUPER BRIGHT and feather light! Flashlights have seriously come a long way!! This flashlight is super lightweight(seriously shocking compared to our old block battery one)! It has two separately controlled light options which is exactly what I was looking for since we often have power outages and need a ‘lantern’ type light but we also have a storm drain in our backyard that floods if the rain is really bad but the only way to see back there at night is with a super bright spot light. This flashlight can easily shine…

Anonymous says:

This flashlight is so awesome. I am taking it with me camping tonight! Length:: 2:06 Mins This flashlight was an awesome buy. I love how bright this is. It reminds me of a cops spot light. Only this is not attached to a car.I took this on a late night hike the other day and it really made the trail super bright. I was blown away at how well I could see in the pitch black of night in the thickesness of the trees.I am very happy with this purchase. The flash light is not only easy to hold. It also comes with a tripod and lanyard…

Anonymous says:

Awesome light but my first 1 only worked 1 month. I loved it! The whole entire month it worked. Conveniently it stopped working a week after it’s (30day) return policy expired. I unplugged it from it’s cord and pressed the bottom button (spotlight) and it lit up perfectly, so I pressed the button again and nothing. So thinking I pressed the wrong button I pressed the top button and the side light came on. So I pressed the top button again and nothing. Now both light are on and neither button is working. I even held down the buttons (which…

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