ZeroWater 12-Cup Ready-Pour Pitcher with Free TDS Meter (Total Dissolved Solids) ZD-012RP

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Highlights:Ready-PourColor : BlueFilter Material : Activated Carbon12-cup capacity (96 Oz)One-handed push to dispenseYou’ll always have cleaner, pure tasting water on hand with our BPA-Free, water filter pitcher in your fridgeZeroWater Only Filter Pitchers Certified by NSF for both Lead and Chromium ReductionRemoves 99.6% of all dissolved solidsPurest tasting drinking waterBoxed

Product Features

  • 12-cup capacity
  • One-handed push to dispense spout to fill any bottle or cup
  • Built-in TDS meter holder


Anonymous says:

Just WOW ! ! ! The little testing meter is a cute gimmick. The real test is the water. I use this to filter the water going in to my Keurig coffee maker. There are two very important, very noticeable results: first, the coffee tastes a thousand times better and the second is the coffee maker stays much cleaner and the amount of scale is dramatically reduced.

Anonymous says:

Water taste bad Produces very good water for about two weeks of slight use, after which the water develops a strong sour taste, while the particle count still shows up as “fine”.Tried many things to mitigate – went through several different kinds of filters – the results are the same 🙁 .Tried pre-boiling the water in a hope of getting rid of the dissolved chlorine ,+ perhaps killing the germs, – no, did not help.Also tried pre-filtering the water with a bunch of coffee filters. Still did not…

Anonymous says:

Delicious water better than you ever imagined! We were spending $32 a month on bottled water (2 adults + 3 animals) because our water sometimes had a nasty chlorine smell and is cloudy from particles. I researched water filtered pitchers for an entire weekend and this pitcher was the highest rated for removing the nastiness from tap water. The first time I tasted the water, I was amazed at how clean, crisp and pure it was. Sooooo much better than bottled water and it was easy to clean and the design of this pitcher was perfect because the…

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