ZK-Global Paracord Handle for Hydro Flask Wide Mouth Bottles, with Safety Ring and Carabiner, Plus one Protective Silicone Sleeve, Best Value Set (Light Blue, 32-40OZ)

September 20, 2019 - Comment
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ZK-Global Paracord Handle is Rated #1 Choice To Carry Your Stainless Steel Water Bottle:

★Its Super Easy and Comfortable to Carry Your Flask. WHERE YOU’LL FIND ‘EM on strollers, tree-branches, tennis nets, chicken-wire fencings, hiking bags, school bags, athlete duffel bags,and gym bags keeping them secure and with you at all times.
★PROPRIETARY SECURITY RING, the first of its kind, is Compatible with Hydro Flask wide mouth lids: FLEX CAP, FLIP TOP, STRAW LID.
★Our Priority is to ensuring the best quality Handles for your Expensive Flask that always stays on.
★COMPATIBLE with Hydro Flask Wide Mouth Water Bottle 12, 16, 18, 20, 32, 40 oz,Also comes with a Protective Silicone Sleeve

What’s in the Package:
★PARACORD HANDLE: 550 + 350 durable grade parachute cord (detachable + washable). Available in 5 colors.
★SECURITY RING + CARABINER: Keeps handle tight, clips bottle to almost anything: backpack, belt, purse, stroller, etc!
★Protective Silicone Sleeve:Available in two sizes specifically designed for Hydro Flask
100% RISK-FREE!!!
Enjoy the Great Outdoors Worry Free Now!
NOTE:Bottle NOT included

Product Features

  • ★ ZK-Global Paracord handles is the most SECURE and CONVENIENT way to carry your expensive water bottle. Perfect for Outdoor, Hiking, Camping, Biking, Backpacking, Yoga, and all sports and Outdoor activities. It’s comfortable and fashionable way to carry your water bottle.
  • ★ COMPATIBLE with Hydro Flask Wide Mouth Bottle 32, 40 OZ & Also comes with a Protective Silicone Sleeve,Bottle NOT included.
  • ★ NO NEED TO WORRY ABOUT DROPPING or LOSING YOUR EXPENSIVE WATER BOTTLES. It’s very convenient to bring your bulky Flask with you. Stay Hydrated Wherever You Go. Our Paracord Handles are compatible with ALL Hydro Flask wide mouth lids: Flip Top, Straw Lid, Flex Cap.
  • ★ These great looking Paracord Holder is made of high quality and durable 550 + 350 Military grade Nylon Paracord. The DETACHABLE PARACORD Strap and CARABINER attach to just about anything: belt, backpack, stroller, purse, luggage, tree branches, you name it! Best Value Set,Get your favorite color of your own style now!!
  • ★ QUALITY CONTROL and Life Time Warranty. 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. We Strive to offer the BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE and GREAT PRICE to OUR CUSTOMERS. We know how much you love quality gear… and so do we. If Our Paracord water bottle handle does not meet your expectations, we will refund your money.


Anonymous says:

The handle is very strong and it makes my hydro look more blue 💙 This handle is very thick and long enough to hold a Hydroflask of 32 oz with ice and fresh water! I bought it because my hands get sweaty during the day after walking on campus all day and carrying my bottle. I like how it has a protective case for the bottom of the bottle because I have dropped it a few times (due to having sweaty hands all day😂) and I have dented the bottom of my bottle. This protective case and handle make my bottle look more blue which I love 💗

Anonymous says:

Great fit for hydro flask! So this was a combo that personally I was looking forward to. The perks of this combo is the handle and base protection. I don’t use the Carabiner since I don’t need it. The base protects the bottom of the flask perfectly and has been tested… not intentionally 🙁 .Besides this the handle portion might get tricky to put on but once you know the proper fit steps it is simple. The plastic portion of the handle goes on first and then you widen the string that goes around the cap…

Anonymous says:

Great accessory for a water bottle! My daughter takes her hydro flask with her everywhere. I noticed lately that it was getting very beat up. Scratched, dented, but still functional and still her favorite. I found this handle and wondered if this would help extend the life of the hydro flask. The item arrived very quickly and I immediately put it on my daughters water bottle. She loves it! It fits perfectly around the mouth and bottom of the bottle. I appreciate that it came with a protective sleeve for the bottom. The…

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