100 Industrial Grade Glow Sticks, 6″ Ultra Bright Emergency Light Sticks with +12 Hours Duration (Green)

July 16, 2019 - Comment
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KEEPS YOU PREPARED FOR EMERGENCIES (just when you really need them…)

The Glow Mind lights sticks are the perfect choice for emergency preparedness and survivalists. They provide 360 degrees of green, bright light for a 12 hours duration. Guaranteed they will provide enough light wherever you need them.

GLOWS LIKE NO OTHER (really, you’ll be amazed)

The Glow Mind lights sticks aren’t some cheap glow stick you pick up at a party store. They are so bright that they can been seen from more than a mile away.

SIMPLE TO USE, EASY TO HANG (they come with a hook and string)

Simply remove the foil and bend the stick until you hear it snap. Boom, you are good to go. The string and hook make it so easy to hang so you don’t have to waste time looking for a way to keep them in place. How brilliant is that?

ONE ITEM, MULTIPLE USES (blackouts, camping, hunting, fishing, partying and much more…)

There are so many situations where you can use these light sticks that buying them is just a no brainer. You might want to use them for a Halloween party or a night camp in the woods. Maybe you are going on a night hunt or attending a military operation. No matter where or when you need them, these light sticks will get the job done.

WATERPROOF, NON-TOXIC AND NON-FLAMMABLE (and individually wrapped!)

We know how much safety is important to you, so we engineered these light sticks so that they are completely safe to use. Each stick is wrapped with foil so it can be carried and stored without worrying it might break.

BIGGER PACK, BETTER VALUE (the only 12 pack on the market)

We saw some customers felt 10 light sticks aren’t just enough so we decided to expand our package and offer this exclusive 12 pack just for you! We really don’t want anyone to start counting their light sticks in case of emergencies.

Product Features

  • PERFECT FOR EMERGENCIES, BLACKOUTS, SURVIVAL KITS, CAMPING AND PARTIES – These green light sticks have so many different uses that make them a must have item. You will be amazed with how useful they are when you’ll need them. You can also take them for fishing/hunting/boating trips or give them to your child for their night’s party.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY, SUPER BRIGHT AND LONGER LASTING (+12 HOURS) – Some customers say they are so bright you wouldn’t want to look directly at them for the first half hour. They will provide the light power you need, when you need it most. And the best thing is that they last for 12 hours, which is 50% more than the regular 8 hours light sticks out there.
  • 4 YEARS SHELF LIFE, GREAT VALUE PACK – Manufactured under strict quality guidelines, these glow sticks will work in years to come. It’s a set and forget, maintenance free item. don’t settle for anything for less.
  • SAFE TO USE AND STORE – These light sticks are waterproof, non-toxic and non-flammable. They are also individually wrapped with strong foil so you can take them by the piece and you don’t have to worry about them getting damaged or broken
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – We’re so confident that you’ll love our light sticks that we’ll refund every penny if you don’t like it! Actually, most customers like it so much they buy more than 1 pack and give it out to their friends and family!


Anonymous says:

Red is the favorite, unless white was chosen first, then white has it’s time to shine! First, let me get the details out of the way. They are indeed glow sticks, and light when you bend them. They are very bright and last a very long time. Now the important stuff. We issue these to all children on camping trips as “toys” to play with after dark. What they are really used for is to track said children in the night as they romp around the campsite. Please don’t tell them or their interest in glow sticks will wane. For now interest is high, and color choice is crucial. In my very…

Anonymous says:

These glow sticks are great. I am an army veteran and I usually … These glow sticks are great. I am an army veteran and I usually purchase chem sticks from army surplus stores but I will order these sticks from now on. Great price, individually wrapped, perfect glow, and they do last for 12 hours. The first six hours is maximum glow. The last six hours the glow starts to dim slowly. There is still a dim glow (no lighting effect) 13 hours later. When I don’t need light I can safely throw it in a drawer. I love the fact that my children can safely play with…

Anonymous says:

MIND GLOWN Length:: 0:02 Mins I bought a box of these to give to a friend who likes glow sticks. I gave her several and kept the other half for my kids to play with. Let me just say first and foremost that these are not the cheap little party favors you might think they are. The are legit glow sticks.The sticks are 6″ and have a lanyard string that can be used to hold the light stick around your neck, or your dog’s collar, or to twirl the sticks around in a…

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