101 Skills You Need to Survive in the Woods: The Most Effective Wilderness Know-How on Fire-Making, Knife Work, Navigation, Shelter, Food and More

November 16, 2019 - Comment
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The Foundation of All Survival Skills is “Feeder” Mind-Set

“Feeder” mind-set means being in control of a situation, proactive rather than reactive. It is an optimistic outlook that reframes any situation as a learning experience. Kevin Estela teaches survival skills from this feeder-based perspective, which is what separates his teaching style from other wilderness instructors.

Kevin has written the quintessential guide for an outdoor enthusiast’s “bucket list” of skills―how to make a fire, build a shelter, gather food, find water, use a knife correctly and make cordage. These skills will keep you safe and better prepare you to deal with emergencies in the field, when you’ll need the additional skills of signaling and communication, navigation and crisis first aid taught in this book. Each chapter concludes with more advanced techniques to build your skills in various challenging situations, with tips that even seasoned survival enthusiasts haven’t thought of.

101 Skills You Need to Survive in the Woods is not a onetime read but a lifetime reference you will turn to over and over again. It will become the first thing you pack for any adventure and just might save your― or someone else’s―life. kevin estela, a bushcraft and survival expert, is an avid world traveler and martial arts instructor.


Anonymous says:

This well rounded book of life skills is pure gold. This guide has excellent visuals and the author is very articulate in his delivery of this valuable information. I’m completely blown away and enjoyed every minute reading it. The words WORLD CLASS and REFERENCE STANDARD come to mind and describe this book perfectly. Perfect gift to buy for those you care about.To the author: Thank you for taking the time to do this!!

Anonymous says:

Wisdom yes, intelligence not so much Not a bad book for practical knowledge and progression, but I was bothered by a few things. I am a realist with a twist of pessimist. Sure, there is a section on knots, but no good illustrations on how to tie the knots are provided – just a picture of the final knot. However, I far more troubled by the incorrect scientific information mentioned. Notably, the chemistry of fire triangle and the physics of air currents were incorrect. Even worse, aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid) is derived from…

Anonymous says:

No nonsense straight forward knowledge ( I am no expert, and this is just my opinion on something) (I’m confident in my skill set but you can never have enough knowledge) I’m an avid woodsman and spend as much time as possible in nature. Received this in mail last night. So far I can tell this is above the rest of the “survival” books. I haven’t read much yet but the basis for this surpasses the others because well this isn’t a gimmick book. This isn’t a zombie apocalypse nuclear fallout extreme situation book. This is no nonsense…

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