Amber Glass Growler Jugs 64-Ounce/Half Gallon (2-Pack) w/Black Phenolic Lids, Great for Kombucha, Home Brew, Distilled Water, Cider & More

February 7, 2020 - Comment
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64-Ounce / Half Gallon Amber Glass Kombucha Growler Jugs w/ Black Phenolic Lids (2-Pack)

These bottles are so great you will want more than one . . . which is why we are providing a 2-pack. Use for:

* kombucha 2nd ferment

* home brew

* iced tea

* root beer

* water kefir

* fermentation

* wine

* storing chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide or cleaning supplies

* cider

* Cooking oils

* Storing water in the fridge–especially good for distilled water as water absorbs taste from plastic or metal

* Homemade vinegar

* cold brew coffee

* herbal tinctures & magic potions

* Decorative use / coin bank

SIZE: Each jug is 11.25 inches tall & 4.9 inches diameter. Jar mouth is 1.1 inches inner diameter.

CAPACITY: 64 ounces = 8 cups = 2 quarts = half gallon = 1.9 liters

COLOR: Amber glass provides optimal UV protection from light.

BIG HANDLE: Generous-sized handle fits 3 fingers.

QUANTITY: Two jugs are a great value deal.

CAPS: These lids are known as phenolic or polyseal lids as they have an inner cone-shaped plastic seal which is ideal for fermentation. For replacement caps or broken items, always feel free to contact us through our Amazon seller store. Now double boxed for greater protection in transport!

Product Features

  • MULTI-USE: Use for kombucha, home brew, wine, root beer, water etc.
  • VALUE 2-PACK: 2 jugs are great for doing 2 different flavors of 2nd ferment & much more
  • BIG CAPACITY: Each holds 64 ounces = 8 cups = 2 quarts = half gallon = 1.9 liters; SIZE: 111.25″ tall x 4.9″ diameter, mouth opening 1.1″
  • 2ND FERMENT SIZE: For kombucha, doing a 2nd ferment with flavorings is perfect in this 64-ounce size. UV PROTECTION: Amber colored glass provides protection from ultraviolet light.
  • PHENOLIC LIDS INCLUDED: Polyseal caps have inner plastic cone to provide the seal you need for fermentation


Anonymous says:

Good, but not great These jugs are ok. They are as advertised and will work well for my uses. My only complaint is that the first shipment arrived broken. The packaging was NOT damaged, but both jugs were in pieces. The product packaging is very flimsy and has almost not padding in the inside. The replacement shipment arrived in good shape. I did notice that the box was opened and had additional padding added.

Anonymous says:

Broken on arrival Like other reviewers I received a broken growler, was hoping I’d get lucky and not have the same experience but all they use for protection is a thin layer of bubble-wrap. Expect broken glass if your shipper happens to set it down too hard.The bottle that isn’t broken seems nice.

blank Anonymous says:

Not worth the money the cap is nice but that is about it. The glass is very fragile and not thick. Waste of money and I just found out you can get a 64 ounce growler at Natural Grocer’s for half the price, 2 for $10! Way better and more durable, you can tell in just the feel of it.

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