American Heritage Industries Paracord Survival kit, with Multiple Different Outdoor Instruments Included

July 6, 2019 - Comment
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Preppers know the need for proper preparation. While we never know when disaster or emergency will strike, we can be prepared for it. This paracord survival kit accentuates that sentiment. When unopened, it is a paracord ball, awaiting opening up to a kit of cool survival tools. Once opened, it can then be used for its myriad benefits. This includes a fire starting flint and steel set, bandaids, saws, and more! This kit has everything you need if you get stuck or lost in the woods, or even if you just challenge yourself as a survivor.

Product Features

  • PARACORD SURVIVAL KIT- This unique paracord ball can be opened to expose a plastic shell filled with important survival tools including flint, saws, bandaids, and more!
  • SURVIVALIST EQUIPMENT- Every prepper knows that an ounce of preparation is worth a ton of cure; This paracord toolkit is the ultimate example of that; It means that you will be prepared for any situation or emergency
  • COOL CAMPING GADGETS- This paracord tool is filled to the brim, literally, with cool camping gadgets; You’ll need a compass, bandaids, saws, and more whenever possible; These could save your life someday
  • FLINT AND STEEL- Starting a fire in an emergency off grid or hiking situation is crucial; The firestarter components of this paracord kit will be vital in starting a fire in even the wettest of conditions
  • QUALITY GUARANTEED- This product comes with the full backing of American Heritage Industries; If you have any issues at all, even with actual usage instructions or ideas, our Ohio based customer service team will gladly help you with your questions


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