Amuse- Unbreakable and Reusable Plastic Plate Set- BPA Free- Set of 6-9.65 in. (Gray)

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Amuse Basic

Amuse by BBP Plastic is a Belgian company that gives priority to quality, which has been the utmost value since its foundation in 1938. Through development of practices and technologies we have increased our capacity and product line, but our methods have always been focused on the superior materials and excellence in quality control: not a single product leaves the factory without satisfying the relevant safety, hygiene and quality standards.

Excellent Quality Products

In notable contrast to the prevailing over-embellished products in the marketplace, Amuse Basic’s products both won great appreciation and sent shock waves across the world.

Amuse Basic home products are succinct, but they are not in the minimalist style. Simplicity and emptiness yield the ultimate universality, embracing the feelings and thoughts of all people. We have been credited with being “resource-saving”, “low-priced”, “simple”, “anonymous” and “nature-oriented”.

Excellent Gift Option – for any festival and anniversary like Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Wedding, Housewarming, Baby showering, Graduating, etc. Send the most beautiful gift to the one you loved.

Clean Simple Design & Sustainable Production

These attributes can be noticed by our line of products, which are designed with the utmost quality with focus in sustainable sourcing practices.

Made and Certified in Europe

All our plastic products are made in our own facility in Belgium and we proudly carry international certifications including ISO 9001- SGS, BCSI- Social Compliance in International Trade and SEDEX audit which guarantees ethical supply chain practices.

Product Features

  • Imagine a great European Manufactured product with amazing value and the utmost high standards in food safety kitchenware accessories.
  • Set of 6 Unbreakable and Perfectly Stackable Reusable Plastic Plates. Size of each plate: 9.65 inches or 24.5 cm
  • Excellent for any type of meal- lunch or dinner- indoor or outdoor- at home, in the park, at school and even field trips
  • Because all our products are Non- Toxic and 100% BPA Free, your kids will always be safe. And they are easy to use, clean and store: Microwave safe (up to 2 minutes maximum) , Dishwasher friendly and fully stackable!
  • Made in Belgium by DBP Plastics since 1938. Certified ISO 9001.


Anonymous says:

Don’t use with microwave! Thought I was buying microwave plates… cooking meat pie.. 6 minutes… melted middle of plate through to back side.

Anonymous says:

Stain prone They stain and melt easily. I was microwaving something with pizza sauce, and the pizza sauce both melted the surface of the plate and permenatley stained it.

Anonymous says:

Pretty good – I like that they are not made in China I have found these plates pretty good overall, except for 1 trait.I tend to use them in the microwave, for frozen breakfast items. Each plate which has been used in the microwave has developed a spot or 2 which will not come clean, even in the dishwasher.Aside from this, the plates are really nice.

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