Aozora Water Filter Pitcher-15 Cup Water Purifier With Activated Carbon BPA-Free, NSF Certified, 4-Layer Filtration for for Reducing Heavy Metals, Removing Residual Chlorine & Odor

August 1, 2019 - Comment
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Aozora is the industry leading manufacturer which aims at providing the best water solution to create a healthier and better living life. Backed with market leading filtration technology and manufacturer’s 1-year warranty, Aozora makes the go-to brand when it comes to water drinking.

We find out that in some countries, tap water is often highly chlorinated and has more contaminants, which is undrinkable, even not safe enough to wash vegetables or to shower. To best satisfy different needs, we launch versatile household filtration products for everywhere you use water in your home, including Pitcher Water Filtration System, Faucet Water Filtration System,etc.. You can now instantly access clean water straight from your tap or your pitcher without consuming expensive plastic bottled water.

Each filter for the pitcher can filter 42.5 gallons of water (about 2 months for average family) and new filter for pitcher can be purchased via the links

Product Features

  • 🍵Premium Design for Health and Rigorously Tested – Aozora Water Filter Pitcher 100% BPA-free, 100% food grade materials which is designed for infant supplies. Aozora water filter pitcher meets and exceeds NSF Standards 42 and 53 offers high durability and health.
  • 🍵Multi Layer Filtration Bring Healthy Water – The water pitcher filter contains screen, ion exchange resin, PET fabric, etc, which can retain beneficial metals,remove chlorine, lead and other heavy metals, odors,etc effectively and bring better taste of your water.
  • 🍵Save Environment and Money- By purchasing the Aozora Eco-Friendly purifier pitcher today you can drink high quality water and you will reduce plastic waste by not throwing away hundreds of plastic bottles every year.
  • 🍵Easy to Use & Clean – Every part of the water filter pitcher is detachable for thorough cleaning, to prevent the algae from growing. We advise that change the water pitcher filters every 2 months for the average household for optimal performance.(Filter ASIN:B07DPMJSP8)
  • 🍵Perfect Size for Family – 15 cups large countertop water pitcher can definitely serve you and your family for daily healthy drinking. It has perfect size for refrigerator storing. At Aozora, we back Items all with a 90 days money back and 12 months replacement.


Anonymous says:

Water Never Tasted So Good I drink much water every day and I have been buying bottles. I am very happy that I made this great life choice, put healthier water in my body, and no longer small plastic bottles.If you drink water, make ice cubes, tea, coffee, soup or something else, you have to try this. The result in my water is absolutely amazing!

Anonymous says:

Works Great I hate drinking water, always… I hate the neutral taste, I always drink bottled water. I bought an Brita a few years ago, and the water is OK, but its taste is still a bit like tap water. Then I bought a better polyurethane and I used it for a few years. There are three water pitcher and one faucet filter, although not as good as the bottle, but I think the best solution. Then I saw Aozora, its water tastes very good, and as close as possible to the bottled water!

Anonymous says:

Who knew charcoal would be so good for filtering water? What a clever system and easy too! Shake the charcoal filter to ensure it’s loose inside; intert it into the pitcher’s top compartment and fill it from the hole in the top. It’s that easy! Pour out the bottom and your water is clean.Our water here isn’t too bad to begin with, but it can have an off-putting odar. Using this pitcher to purify the water solved the problem. No smell.It says it’s good for about a month so I’ll see how much water I put through it to see how…

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