AQUACREST CRF-950Z Pitcher Water Filter, Compatible with Pur Pitchers and Dispensers PPT700W, CR-1100C, DS-1800Z and More (Pack of 3)

June 6, 2019 - Comment
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Enjoy great tasting water without waiting, farewell to clog.

Product Features

  • Delicate design ensures a perfect fit for the original.
  • Optimal performance for up to 2 months, which will vary based on water conditions.
  • Convenience and value
  • Easy to install. For detailed instruction, please kindly refer to the Instruction Manual in the box.
  • Interchangeable with PUR CRF-950Z water filter; For use with PUR Pitchers and Dispensers: PPT700W, CR-1100C, DS-1800Z, CR-6000C, PPT711W, PPT711,PPT710W, PPT111W, PPT111R, DS1811Z, CR1100CV3 and more. This filter is not sourced by or sponsored by PUR. The manufacturer’s name and part number have been used for reference purposes only.


Anonymous says:

These are generic filters. It doesn’t properly fit the … These filter don’t properly fit the threading so water ends up dripping into the reservoir without being filtered. For comparison, real Pur filter in the left and generic on the right

Anonymous says:

Not a true filter, not the same as Brand I bought this when shopping to replace our Pur filters as this product came up first when searching for Pur filters-a rather sneaky trick by this seller. Note-this filter absolutely doesn’t treat the water the same as the branded Pur filters; the water takes only seconds to filter through and fill the reservoir fully(the Pur ones take almost 10 mins or more to filter through the full top tank of water), the weight of each filter feels lighter comparably, and the taste of the filtered water is…

Anonymous says:

Sadly lacking in performance and assurance… I purchased these in hopes of finding a lower cost but equall-performance product… very disappointed! I live in a high iron water content area; the filter did seem to fit my PUR dispenser snugly, but in 10 day’s time the filtered water showed iron color visually and when wiped with white cloth. I used a second filter with same results. Disappointed at lack of exterior use/time stickers that PUR provides, and also NO NFS certification- will not be a repeat buyer.

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