AQUATANK2 Water Storage Bladder (60 Gallon)

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The AQUANK-2 Water Storage Tank / Bladder

Portable Water Tank / Bladder Is Great For Emergency Use and Long-term Home Water Storage!

– Ideal for water storage in an emergency situation or water storage in your home.
– Great for Camping, Cabins, or Bug-out Location.
– Is Odorless and won’t give your water a strange taste or smell like PVC and plastic tanks or bladders.
– VERY Portable – Even the largest AQUATANK2 weighs less than 5lbs. empty and comes in a small box for easy storage!

The High Capacity, Portability, and Food-Grade Benefits of the AQUATANK-2 Make It a Great Addition to Your Emergency Supplies!

You can fill your AQUATANK-2 on-site to keep a lot of water in a small space. Or, fill it and move it to a remote location if needed. Knowing that it is made of a Food-Grade Inner Liner and a durable outer shell, you can rest assured that it will be puncture resistant and last for many years. You can even reuse it over and over (unlike those single-use tub bladders) and you don’t have to take your tub out of commission to use it!

Dimensions (When Full)

– (30 Gallon) 36″W x 36″L x 14″H
– (60 Gallon) 36″W x 48″L x 16″H
– (150 Gallon) 48″W x 72″L x 12″H
– (300 Gallon) 54″W x 144″L x 12″H

The AQUATANK-2 Is Very Easy to Use!

– Just fill it with water using a standard hose connection.
– Release the water by opening the outlet side on the opposite end.
– A “Must Have” For Your Emergency Supplies!

– We Guarantee Your AQUATANK-2 For Up To 1 Year But Expect You’ll Use It Or Store It For Many Years To Come!

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Product Features

  • “THE BEST THING SINCE SLICED BREAD FOR THE RV OWNER” Sick and tired of stretching hoses while you’re out blacktop boondocking? Don’t go dry camping without bringing an AQUATANK-2, it will change the way you enjoy your RV experience!
  • “DECEPTIVELY TOUGH!” Our AQUATANK-2 systems have state-of-the-art material that is thinner and lighter than any rubber bladder but much stronger than you would imagine. Test the sample provided and see exactly what we mean; just try to poke it, stretch it, or rip it and you’ll see what we mean. It’s Tough Stuff!
  • “NO WEIRD TASTE” BPA’s are not good… they can interfere with your natural hormone functions and they make your water taste just plain weird. Say no to Bisphenol A and Phthalates and invest in the safest, toughest, and lightest bladder on the market! The AQUATANK-2’s inner lining is 100% Food-Grade TPU (Polyurethane) and the Outer Shell is Durable Nylon.
  • “PEACE OF MIND WATER STORAGE” With all of the events happening in the world right now, having a large amount of drinkable water storage is incredibly important. When you’re in need of water, the inlet and outlet tubes make filling and using the water super easy!
  • “BANG FOR BUCK IS 5 STARS +” Your friends will be green with envy when they see you filling your RV with an AQUATANK-2 while they’re still filling their RV with old 5 gallon buckets! Grab a simple water pump to go with your tank and the process is even quicker and easier!


Garman says:

Great for hauling and storing water My wife and I use this to haul water from our community well to our RV, we currently live off the grid and needed to refill our RV tanks. This is great for that we have been using it every 3 days all summer long with no problems. I have even 4 or 5 times when trying to move it fall to the ground full and it did not break. It is heavy fully load and tends to want to roll around like jello, had to go to town once with this in the bed of the pickup and it rolled and rolled. Moving it is also a…

John Opincar says:

Surprisingly Durable We use this to transport water to an RV we have parked on property that does not yet have water service. It works very well for this purpose and fits nicely on the roof of our Xterra. Unfortunately, the last time I used this, I foolishly hooked up the hose, left to do something else, and came back later to find the bladder filled to 3 or 4 times it’s intended size and a broken crossbar on my roof rack. Amazingly, the bladder is no worse for that treatment and I was able to order a…

blank Mick says:

Deceptively TUFF! I purchased the 60gal AquaTank2 and out of the bag, I was very skeptical. The material appeared lightweight and couldn’t weigh more than 1lb including the plastic inlet and outlet connectors. Not quite what I was expecting. 1/2lb of actual material to contain 500lbs of water didn’t seem “natural”. Provided was a small baggie with a sample of the material with instructions to test and examine the material before opening the plastic bag to the AquaTank. That was a little ominous to me. I…

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