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December 16, 2019 - Comment
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The magazine of all aspects of the cutlery industry: sporting use, collecting, history, new products and innovations, legislation, knife making, art knives, official publication of the Knifemakers Guild.


Anonymous says:

I like to keep my hand in This is the bible of the knife industry. I can count on its prose, photographs and tests to stay up to date on the newest blade shapes, steels, handle materials and locking mechanisms. As a former store and internet retailer as well as knife enthusiast, I like to keep my hand in.

Anonymous says:

Just Not Worth the Money i’ve subscribed to Blade, off and on, for years. I’m a knife user and collector, mostly focused on handmade pieces. Blade has, imo, a few problems: it’s thin — just not much to it; the articles aren’t particularly interesting — almost as though they focus on advertisers; way too much in the way of low-end knives that may have their appeal to some users, but probably not for serious collectors or users. i’m hoping the recent change in ownership results in a hard look at quality. if that…

blank Anonymous says:

Meh I was hoping that this magazine would grow on me, but after three issues, I’m underwhelmed. I signed up for a year subscription, so hopefully things will improve. I don’t think the articles are particularly compelling, and there is a lot of editorializing that bleeds into articles. I’d be happy for articles about knife laws, but I don’t need to see snarky one off comments in what should be an unrelated news story. I own this in print and on the kindle, and the formatting on the kindle is very…

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