Chesapeake Bay Candle Scented Candle, Serenity + Calm (Lavender Thyme), Medium

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The Chesapeake Bay Candle mind & body collection Medium glass jar candle is a fragrance filled journey into wellness for the mind & body. Create a serene environment thanks to the calming and balancing benefits of lavender. Enhanced with Essential oils of Bergamot, rosemary, thyme and eucalyptus, this fragrance diffuses a fresh scent along with touches of orange Blossom, allowing you to relax your body and quiet your mind. Includes Essential oils of: rosemary, eucalyptus, camphor, lavender, lavandin, cedar wood, fir needle, fir balsam, orange, patchouli, Bergamot, thyme. When finding time has become a luxury, one needs to Pause and look inward to redefine inner Peace and inspire others. Allow moments of Stillness and the simple pleasures of fragrance to take you on a journey for the mind and body. Just as ripples expand across the water of a pond, our flow of emotions fluctuates from core energy to absolute Stillness. Let Chesapeake Bay Candle take you on a sensory journey. . .

Product Features

  • Approximate burn time of 50 hours
  • The soft colored frosted jar candles allow the light of the flame to shine through when burning
  • Made from a natural soy wax blend and feature self-trimming wicks
  • Our fragrances that are skillfully enhanced with all natural essential oils
  • Designed and poured in the USA, made with ingredients from around the world


Anonymous says:

affordable For the price It’s not a bad scented candle option.I like to have a candle burning in my studio but I don’t like to burn my expensive candles there so I’m always looking for more affordable options. The problem is I haven’t found a single affordable option that does not tunnel. It’s like they just can’t get the right wicks for the diameter of their candles. This one tunnels as well (even with a first burn of 4+ hours) BUT the tunneling seems to sort itself out after the third or fourth…

Anonymous says:

As a huge consumer of candles, this one is one of my top 5! I use a lot of candles from different brand because my husband smokes sometimes (off the window) and I keep putting candles in every room to make sure there is no smell. This is probably one of my favorite ones, not too strong, very pleasant and nice smell, not overwhelming but it works to camouflage bad odors. Ordering more!

Anonymous says:

Smell amazing, don’t bother me I received the “peace + tranquility” candle as a gift for Christmas. I loved the smell so I wanted to try others. “Joy + laughter” smells amazing. I will say “peace + tranquility” has a more clean/refreshing smell, while “joy + laughter” is more sweet- almost like a perfume. I plan to try more scents in the future because I love these so much! Definitely would recommend. PS. I am sensitive to strong scents (sometimes get headaches from them) and these do not…

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