Complete Dinnerware Storage Set #1 Best Protection for Storing or Transporting Fine China Dishes Coffee Tea Cups Wine Glasses Includes 48 Felt Protectors for Plates

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Ever Wondered Where They Store Dishes in the White House?

Well honestly, we don’t know for sure, but we do know they can serve up to 140 guests from the White House kitchen. That being said, the presidential, fine dishes must be stored somewhere, and we imagine it’s in a classy fabric storage set like these.

Woffit Dinnerware Storage Features

Premium Plush Quilted Case – The stylish grey fabric will add an air of luxury to your home. Storage should be more than a cardboard box. Home your heirlooms or expensive dinnerware in a deserving space.

Smooth Gliding Zippers – Premium zippers ensure the dishes are sealed and protected from dust. Plus, the top-loading design allows for easy access.

Label Inserts – The clear window is there to slide a name label in. Easily identify what dishes you have stored inside.

Perfect Protection – 48 padded felt dividers will cushion and separate each plate or dish to prevent cracks and scratches. Sturdy dividers in the glassware cases protect tea cups, glasses or stemware from knocking into each other.

Complete Dinner Service Storage Set – Woffit’s motto is – Producing Organized Homes. Enjoy using this complete matching set, so you have every type of storage solution for your dinner service and glassware.


Dinner Plate Case (for up to 12 dinner plates) 12″ D x7.5″ H

Salad Plate Case (for up to 12 salad plates) 10″ D x6″ H

Dessert Plate Case (for up to 12 dessert plates) 8.5″ D x 5.5″ H

Saucer Plate Case (for up to 12 saucers) 7″ D x 5.25″ H

Coffee Cups Storage Case (for up to 12 cups) 15.25″L x 13″W x 5″ H

Wine Cups Storage Case (for up to 12 cups) 3 7/8″ D x 10″ H

48 Felt Plate Dividers

Content Label Inserts

Gift Ready Packaging

We offer a 100% lifetime money back guarantee.

Product Features

  • LUXURIOUS STORAGE QUILTED CASE – Change the way you store expensive items. Your glassware and dinner plates deserve more than a cardboard box and newspaper. Our dinnerware storage set is made with the thick non-woven fabric. Sturdy sides offer a Stronger, Safer protection than others on the market. Plus, the smooth glide zippers just seal the deal.
  • BE PREPARED FOR SPECIAL OCCASIONS – Whether your fine dishes come out of hiding once a week or once a year, you need a proper storage solution for before and after use. Take out your dust free, flawless dishes from this neat Fabric Storage Bags. Use for Holiday meals, Thanksgiving, dinner parties, Christmas dinner and more. When all the guests have gone home, straighten up your dining room, or kitchen, with everything in its “plate”.
  • PERFECT HOUSEWARMING, HOSTESS OR BRIDAL GIFT – Serving dishes or salad bowls are the most boring gift you can think of. This dinnerware storage set is not only stylish, but extremely practical, and functional too. Host/hostess, newlyweds, or new neighbors are going to love using this set. Once you receive it you may be tempted to keep it for yourself! Arrives in a beautiful gift box.
  • THE COMPLETE DINNERWARE STORAGE SET – 12″ Dinner Plate Case (for up to 12 dinner plates) 10″ Salad Plate Case (for up to 12 salad plates) 8.5″ Dessert Plate Case (for up to 12 dessert plates) 7″ Saucer Plate Case (for up to 12 saucers) Coffee Cups Storage Case (for up to 12 cups) Wine Cups Storage Case (for up to 12 cups) 48 Felt Plate Dividers (to prevent cracks & scratches) Content Label Inserts (quickly identify contents).
  • BUY IT NOW WITH CONFINDECE – This Best ★ TOP QUALITY ALL IN ONE DINNERWARE STORAGE SET ★ Will Keep Your Dishes Clean & Safe 100% and We Guarantee Satisfaction With a 100% Lifetime Money Back Guarantee.


Anonymous says:

Works for me I got these for an extra set of china that I got for myself. The material to me feels thin but as long as it keeps out dust that is fine I guess. The product says “holds 12 place settings” but only 8 felt dividers came for the large plates, salad plates, etc. I should have received 12 felt dividers for each size. I also would have liked to have a cardboard piece for the bottom. Without this in my tea cups it is really flimsy. I will probably add something myself to make it a little bit…

Anonymous says:

zippers broke easy, holes in sewing I wanted to protect my dishes with moving. The padding is good, but the zippers are not high quality. I had one that was just off in the bag. and another had a hole the size of a quarter that was missed in the sewing. I would not buy these again.I will be placing items in a box. should of saved my money and just wrapped the china in paper and boxed it. I would return it but I am moving don’t have time. so take heed of my review…just don’t buy it

Anonymous says:

There are not 48 plate dividers. The product needs to be updated to accurately describe the number of felt dividers included. I ordered two sets and both only had 32 total plate dividers, not the 48 listed on the box or the description here. I will need to go buy more, frustrating. Otherwise they are what I expected, basic quality and functional purpose. Good for the price.

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