Core Element 100% Titanium Long Handle Spork Outdoor Ultralight Portable Campfire Flatware for Camping Backpacking

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Core Element’s long-handle food transportation device is a super spork, i.e. spoon, fork, toothpick, trusty sidekick for your beef stew, chili, or boiled beets, and on and on. The point is, it’s a full-time functional tool specifically designed for your outdoor, indoor, four-door, or no-door use. Its 100% titanium build makes it tough and light, while being human-body friendly, easily carried, and dishwasher safe. It’s size and weight make it easy to stow in your carry on, slip in your back pocket, or throw in your pack. This tool gives your food consumption operations a tactical level of execution and the long handle helps you get all the way to the bottom of that freeze-dried bag of deliciousness without getting schmutz on your fingers.

Eating is important for staying alive. Use a serious tool for a serious job. It’s non-magnetic, non-porous, and non-boring. The Core Element long-handle spork does the job. Every. Time.

Product Features

  • 100% TITANIUM: Tactical long-handle food transportation device, i.e. part-time spoon, part-time fork, full-time flexible, functional tool
  • ULTIMATE VERSATILITY: Wash it in a mountain stream, wipe it on your camping shirt, or throw it in the dishwasher, this instrument is non-toxic and human-friendly
  • DURABLE: Not your granddaddy’s plastic lunch-lady utensil; this uber-durable yet lightweight tool allows you to efficiently meet your most basic core need: eating food
  • ECO FRIENDLY: Streamlined, dynamic design, built for outdoor or indoor use and made with 100% hypoallergenic titanium metal
  • PERFECT SIZE: Length: 8.5 inches; Width of spoon: 1.5 inches; Weight: 0.5 oz


Anonymous says:

Perfect for our 72 hour kits/camping gear My family and I have been building up our 72-hour kits over the last few years, so if we ever needed to leave our home in a flash, we could grab and go. These sporks are perfect for that.

Anonymous says:

Love that they can be connected The hole at the end of the spork makes it easy to connect to the spoon version, and the cup which we bought from this same company. Easy access to all of the utinsels needed to eat. Also easily attached to backpack loops etc.

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