Core Element 100% Titanium Three-Piece Utensil Set Fork Knife Spoon Outdoor Ultralight Portable Open Campfire Flatware for Camping Backpacking

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Core Element’s premium titanium three-utensil set is a must have for your hiking/backpacking/camping kit. The ultralight and compact set performs very well for various food types, whether you’re on the mountain, in the kitchen, or at a backyard BBQ. This is a high-quality, durable, food-grade titanium set that will last you for years.

Eating is important for staying alive. Use a serious tool for a serious job.

Core Element Titanium Three-Utensil Set.

Product Features

  • FUNCTIONALITY: Tactical three piece set that is flexible, durable, and functional.
  • TOUGH TITANIUM (Ti): Ultralight and extremely strong, this hypoallergenic material is robust enough for all your food needs while being non-toxic and fiendishly stylish.
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: Long-lasting utensils are reusable, non-corrosive, dishwasher safe, and human body friendly.
  • PERFECT SIZE: Super lightweight and easy to pack, this fork, knife, and spoon combo fits perfectly in hands of all sizes.


Anonymous says:

Light, durable, easy to clean It’s a utilitarian set. Smoothing, rounding the edge on the spoon would make it much more pleasant to use.

Anonymous says:

Titanium is awesome I’m on the road between 150 and 180 days a year. Trying to do my part to consume a little less plastic wear. These have made that task much easier and I’ve actually come to prefer using real utensils.

Anonymous says:

Titanium utensils that are 70% lighter than regular!! When I first opened my new titanium core element utensils I thought, “Did they really send me all 3?”. These are very lightweight. My regular utensils weighted in at over 5 oz but the core element titanium utensils were 1.5 oz! When you are a lightweight backpacker you know that every oz matters. They felt so light I thought maybe they won’t hold up very well and bend when I try to use them but that fear was unfounded. I tried to bend the fork tines but they held firm. So while light they…

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