Corelle Square 10-1/4-Inch Dinner Plate, Pure White

July 26, 2017 - Comment
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Corelle Square 10-1/4-inch Dinner Plate (1pc), Pure White

Product Features

  • Dishwasher safe for long lasting patterns
  • Microwave and oven use for versatility
  • 3 year replacement warranty against breaking and chipping
  • Patterns won’t wash, wear or scratch off


PhotoGraphics says:

Here’s a unique use for this plate While this makes an attractive dinner plate, that’s not why I bought it. To be sure, I have several round Corelle dinner plates that I have had for many years and they still look great. I am a big fan of Corelle for everyday use. Which is why I didn’t think twice about ordering this plate, not for dining but for use in my microwave oven. You know, like when the instructions say to place the item on a “microwave safe plate”. 

mfm420 says:

Practically cleans itself! Just spent the holidays out of state at a timeshare with relatives and used Correlle for the first time. Left the dirty dishes stacked on the counter intending to wash later that night as we were late to a tree lighting ceremony. Festivities went longer than expected and arrived back at the timeshare late in the evening and too tired to clean. Next day had an early morning trail ride followed by more activities so those dishes sat on the counter for almost a day. Figured I should at least…

blank Jas999 says:

light and gorgeous design!!!! light and gorgeous design!!!! I use it for taking good photos of the food I made~

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