Emergency Survival Sleeping Bag Woodland Camo Bivy Sack Ultralight Waterproof Thermal Space Blanket Survival Kits with Carabiner, Whistle for Camping, Hiking, Outdoor, Emergency Shelter,2 Pack

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Where to Use Survival Blanket:

Running: Especially for marathon running, keeping body temperature.

Climbing: Quickly recovering body temperature. The silver film can also send a distress signal to the rescuer.

Camping: Add to a sleeping bag to keep warm and moisture-proof. You can set up a tent simply with a rope.

Picnic: Becone a moisture proof mat or picnic mat. It can also be used to keep food warm.

Rainy Snowy Day: Become a poncho to avoid getting wet.

Hot Summer Day:  As a shading for cars.

Package Contain:

2 x Sleeping bags  

2 x Storage bags

2 x Carabiner

2 x Whistles

Product Features

  • Super Warm in Cold Weather – Adopting 12um ultra-thick PET mylar material, can save 90% of the body’s heat. This thermal survival sleeping bag can maintain most of the body’s heat in the extreme weather, and prevent from be frostbite. PET material is waterproof and windproof, and can be used safely in high winds, heavy rains and heavy snows, so that it will always keep your safety in all unusual outdoor climates.
  • Ultra solid and Durable – The emergency survial sleeping bag is made of extra-thick, tear-resistant and puncture-resistant mylar material, surrounded by reinforced tape to seal the seams. Protect your safety in the harshest weather conditions. This bag can be used for multiple times, you can fold it after use and store it in attached bag.
  • Multi-purpose Use – Suits for camping in the wild, climbing, outdoor hunting, trail-running or hiking excursions, and it will let your body warm up quickly. It can also be a simple tent(Just pull the two corners up with two ropes), moisture proof mat, or sleeping bag in wet days. It will make your journey safe and secure. Just keep this emergency aid kit in your vehicle, or camping gear back-up. Compact size(2.8 x 5 inch) and light weight(4.4 oz) make it quite convenient to carry anywhere.
  • Package Include – The package contains 2 sleeping bags, 2 storage bags, 2 carabiner, and 2 whistles. Each sleeping bag is packed and stored in a special bag for multiple use and storage. You can hang the sleeping bag in your backpack or waist by the carabiner clip. The whistle can keep in touch with your partner and ask for help in danger.
  • Suit for 1-2 People – Extra large size (47.2x 78.7 inch) can contain two people at the same time. It is recommended to carry at least one sleeping bag in an outdoor environment to prevent accidental weather.


Anonymous says:

Fantastic little emergency sleeping bags, totes, and whistles! These are really, really nice. You get TWO sleeping bags (survival type), which come in a handy bag. They’re not just cheap mylar, either. I’m not sure what the material is, but it’s a bit tougher, still not as tough as cloth but it works! Plus emergency whistles as well, so if you get stuck somewhere, save your breath, get warm inside the sleeping bags, and use the whistles to signal for help! These are going into my car because that’s the place I’d probably need them. Fantastic deal!

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