Estwing Rigger’s Axe – 16″ Half Hatchet with Milled Face & Shock Reduction Grip – E3-R

September 9, 2019 - Comment
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Estwing’s Rigger’s Axe features a 3.5″ cutting edge and milled face hammer. This 16.75″ long tool includes our exclusive Shock Reduction Grip. Made in the USA using the finest American tool steel.

Product Features

  • FORGED IN ONE PIECE – The most durable, longest lasting striking tools available
  • VERSATILITY ON THE JOB – Suitable for all types of job, from traditional woodworking to heavy duty construction
  • BUILT FOR THE PRO – Woodworkers, Log Builders, framers, roofers, carpenters, contractors, tradesman & serious DIYers
  • PATENTED SHOCK REDUCTION GRIP – Comfortable, durable & reduces impact vibration by 70%
  • MADE IN THE USA – Our tools are proudly crafted in Rockford, IL using the finest American steel


Anonymous says:

Good framing axe, but not great quality control. I used to use a framing axe when framing years ago. Before nail guns everyone used them here. They are no longer carried in town, probably an OSHA thing. I ordered this because I prefer a framing axe over a framing hammer, and I wanted to have something with a handle that would last because they are becoming scarce. When it arrived it was reasonably sharp and well balanced. Aggressive hatching on head. Overall a good framing axe. The handle however had a forging defect with a very obvious…

Anonymous says:

driving and pulling tent stakes and occasionally chopping up foodstuffs just for fun. Made in USA is a bonus feature My wife got me this Rigger’s Axe for Xmas. Has been on my “must have” list for awhile since I own other Estwing tools and have yet to be let down. This makes for an effective bonfire tool when you or friends show up with wood pallets to break down. I also use it as a camp tool for processing the already processed (meaning manageably sized) bundles of firewood, driving and pulling tent stakes and occasionally chopping up foodstuffs just for fun. Made in USA is a bonus feature. Since I am…

Anonymous says:

A perfect tool for the collection I grew up with many roofers in the family and am quite familiar with its design. Although many (including myself) would argue that there is a proper tool for a proper job, I find this tool to be the one I pick up most. I received this axe within the last two weeks and have already put a fair amount of miles on it. I love it. The edged came plenty sharp and the construction seems extremely durable. I have used it for everything from a rough frame in, to shaving limbs for kindling. The edge seems…

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