Fire Starter Elc Bson420

October 4, 2019 - Comment
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Black, Bison Airlighter 420, Cordless Fire Lighter That Will Light Any Type Of Charcoal, Wood, Or Wood Pellets In 60 Seconds, Uses A Patented Torch Flame & Blower Technology To Ignite Wood Or Coals Quickly & Then It Spreads The Heat To The Rest Of The Fire With The Built In Blower, Uses 3 “AA” Batteries & Butane Fuel, Not Included. Black, Not Included.

Product Features

  • Black
  • Bison Airlighter 420
  • Cordless Fire Lighter That Will Light Any Type Of Charcoal
  • Wood
  • Or Wood Pellets In 60 Seconds


Anonymous says:

I AM THE ENVY OF ALL…LEZ GO GLAMPING! Length:: 0:42 Mins I thought I’d already reviewed this puppy. Oh well, it’s more authentic that I’ve had it and used it for about 2 years right? The only thing I’d change about it is offering a case for this price. Currently, I’m housing it in a too big tripod case I found for $3 at Goodwill. I love this airlighter firestarter. It works. I’m thoroughly spoiled. I wish my video would load. I suppose it’s too big? It’s not only useful for starting fires but I…

Anonymous says:

Heavy Duty Lighter This is a fantastic toy. It lights fires in fireplaces instantaneously , but it is best when it is lighting charcoal grills especially “Dragon Chimney Starters”. Many would call this overkill…my wife calls this “compensation” but this is a dream for those who never made it past Tenderfoot when it came to scouting. Yes… no doubt it is expensive but for the person who has everything including a fireplace and barbque and who is not proud of being a little klutzy- this is a perfect gift.

blank Anonymous says:

I’m going to whip this puppy out and say in my best Australian accent I’m reminded of Crocodile Dundee with this lighter. Some day when someone whips out a candle lighter, I’m going to whip this puppy out and say in my best Australian accent: “That’s not a lighter, THIS is a lighter!” In all seriousness, everything works as advertised. It has a good blower on it, and the butane flame on full output is probably almost 4″ long of pure blue flame which makes it really nice for lighting kindling at the back of a wood stove. Even if you rarely use it, it’s…

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