GeoZilla GPS Location Tracker for Kids, Elderly, Pets, Vehicles, Luggage | Utilizes Cellular, WiFi and GPS | Accurate and Lightweight | SIM Card and 30 Days Free Data Plan Included

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GeoZilla is the best location tracking platform that works across platforms, to bring together your entire family and your trackables within one app. Unlike similar trackers, GeoZilla relies on GPS and global GSM networks, which means it offers worldwide coverage!

Product Features

  • USA and WORLDWIDE COVERAGE through iOS/ANDROID APP – track PRECISE location of cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, jet skis, ATVs, RVs, trailers, vehicles, teens, spouses, children, kids, elderly, patients, pets, dogs, cats, equipment, tools, business assets, fleets, and for any situation. Connect Tracker to GeoZilla iOS/Android Tracker App to find your loved ones and valuables at any distance, anywhere – even indoors, even in Australia!
  • CUSTOM ALERTS | SOS BUTTON | GEO-FENCE ZONES – Create your custom departure and arrival notifications to-and-from home, school, or other locations. SOS Button – With a press of a button, the location is broadcast via app notification, email or text. GEO-Fence Zones – Set up geo-fences with custom alerts when GeoZilla Tracker enter or exit the areas that you define.
  • RECHARGEABLE BATTERY – up to 5 days on a full charge with 60sec location updates. Using battery save mode technology when not tracking or in-use.
  • MINI GPS TRACKING DEVICE – Small and lightweight design allows you to discreetly clip it onto clothing, backpack or leash for a simple wearable GPS tracker.
  • SHORT TIME DEAL – 30 days Data Plan included for FREE. Excellent Customer Service – GeoZilla is a U.S. company with over 2 million customers entrusting their family and valuables safety to our apps. If you have any questions please contact the support team on the official GeoZilla website.


Anonymous says:

Love love love this little tracker! I bought it for my dog as he loves sneaking out of the house and sometimes it takes hours to find him. I used to have a sensor on his collar which alerted me each time he left the geo-fence (which is our house) but it didn’t have the GPS. Now, with this new little GeoZilla tracker I do not only get alerts when my dog leaves but also know where he is exactly outside the house! It was so easy to set up. Love the design and the case it comes with. Made my life so much easier! Definitely recommend!

Anonymous says:

Good product but needs activation improvements product needs to be activated with a code that is not included. it is sent by mail. I got the code 3 days after receiving the tracker and the code did not worked. Contacted support and it took 5 days going back and forward to activate it. Support is ver very slow and they only answer once a day

Anonymous says:

Great tracker to give you peace of mind! I am a young parent with three kids, I often feel uneasy when I have to let them out all by themselves, this feeling lead me to search for a tracker. I looked at various options but the GeoZilla tracker was the best for my needs, other trackers rely only on GPS or Wi-Fi, but the GeoZilla tracker includes the use of LTE/GSM for tracking outdoors.I am happy I never made a bad choice, the tracker has been working well ever since I got it. To start, the GeoZilla app must be installed. The app…

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