GNGS PLA Plant-made Two-tone Dish – 7.09″ Diameter x 1.18″ Height – Stackable Round – BPA Free, Non-Toxic, Biodegradable – Plate Set of 4 in 4 Assorted Color – Dishwasher and Microwave Safe

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Main Features:
✔Non-toxic PLA material, Safe and Biodegradable
✔A set of 4 in 4 assorted colors, for serving your family and friends.
✔Fresh color to light up your life
✔Versatile use, meet your different needs

Kindly Notes:
✔Keep away from fire, do not placed directly on a heat source
✔Keep away from sharps
✔Do not use disinfection cabinet to disinfect PLA products
✔PLA products will be slightly pigmented by substances such as vinegar, tomato sauce, this is a physical penetration principle, not chemical change, please feel free to use
✔PLA is not plastic, although it is not as fragile as glass, please do not throw it and avoid dropping down heavily
✔Using tea bag for dry after the production, there is some tea smell, it will be gone away after the use

Product Features

  • ✔100% Made From Plant…The material of PLA is composted based on plants such as sugar cane, wheat and maize. They are fermented into lactic acid and then transformed into PLA
  • ✔Right Size & Multitude Uses …The dishes are just the right size for cheese, pizza, toast, cake, bread, fried egg or even beef and pasta. They works well for a variety of uses
  • ✔Ceramic-like Feeling with Fresh Colors …Smooth surface with a comfortable feel. The 4 color is fresh and harmonious
  • ✔Stackable Stylish & Easy To Clean …These bowls don’t take up much space for storage because of being stackable. The glaze surface allow it can be cleaned by dishwasher or hand quickly
  • ✔Dishwasher and Microwave Safe …60℃ dishwasher, 100℃microwave and refrigerator are no problem. Spend more time with your family and friends!


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