GOSHELL Aluminum Fishing Pliers Spring Lock Fishing Gear Saltwater Rustproof Fishing Multi-Tools, Line Cutters Hook Remover Split Ring Crimp Sleeves/Leads with Sheath and 3 Pieces Lanyard

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How to care for your fishing pliers

1.Rinse with fresh water after each use, especially after use in saltwater. After rinsing your pliers, dry with a towel.
2.Occasionally, treat your pliers with an anti-rust spray, such as WD40 or Boeshield T9.
3.Wipe with cloth and air dry. This will help prevent spotting on Stainless Steel models and on the screws, bearing, spring, and cutters.
4.Always store your fishing pliers in a dry place to avoid them being in prolonged exposure to water from rain and weather that can also damage the fishing pliers sheath.

Product Features

  • Corrosion Resistant—- GOSHELL fishing pliers are made of 6061 aluminum alloy with a protective coating on the surface, which protects the tool against corrosion and rust in saltwater or freshwater while providing it with the strength for the job.
  • Spring Lock—-The pliers feature a spring loaded handle and an opening/locking spring lock so that you can open/lock the pliers freely with just one hand. And if you’re using it repetitively and frequently, it will help lessen the chance of fatigue. Besides, the ergonomic handles keep your hands from slipping even when they’re wet and slimy.
  • Side Line Cutter—-This tool features a replaceable stainless steel side cutters with a black coating, therefore giving the pliers a high vigor for every kind of fishing line, including braid fishing line, fluorocarbon line, and mono line.
  • Hook Remover—-The fishing pliers have a split ring tool with a small hooked end on the nose of the pliers, that can let you open a split ring more easily when you want to remove hook. And a long-nose jaws are usually best to remove deeper hook. Because of this, long-nose pliers can often be a good choice for saltwater fishing or if you’re fishing for larger fish.
  • Easy to Carry and Never Lose—-Coming with 3 pcs coiled lanyard, the pliers can be easily attached or hooked to your vest, bin, or clothes. It’s very useful since it makes grabbing and storing your tool extremely easy.


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