GPMTER Hydration Bladder Leakproof Water Reservoir for Outdoor Cycling Hiking Camping Backpack. 2L 70oz, BPA Free No Plastic Taste,Non Toxic,Easy Clean Large Opening

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Best Hydration Bladder made of Eco-friendly material 

Eco-friendly material is featured by: 

Odor or taste free 

No BPA and plastic taste

Food-grade certification

High-grade environmentally friendly material profiles, which is tough, abrasive and heat resistant. Product line meets the US FDA or NSF food grade standards.

Sliding and large opening:

for easy water filling, ice cubes adding, cleaning, and drying. Directly insert hands into the bladder for cleaning. 

Valve switch mounted in mouthpiece to prevent leakage. There will be fresh water just by pulling out the water switch, unplugging the cap, 

and then gently biting the mouthpiece of the pipe. 

Large opening for easy cleaning of inner surfaces, and convenient water as well as ice filling.

Product Details 

Bladders material: Eco-friendly TPU

Colour: White 

SIZE: 16.14” * 7.87” 

Capacity: 2 L /70 oz. 

PVC Suction pipe: Length 39 inch 

Opening Design: sliding and opening. 

Weight: 240 g 

Use Range: 

Outer sports such as bike trips, camping, hiking, running, etc.


Do no fill beverage, wine or milk into hydration bladder. 

Water temperature range: 0℃ to 40℃.

Buy with our no-questions-asked 60-DAY FULL REFUND guarantee. We take pride in providing an answering customer support! No issues go unaddressed!

Product Features

  • 100% assured purchase, very eye-catching when doing sports outdoors. Please let us know if are unsatisfied with his moisturizing bladder due to any leakage, bad taste, or other reasons, we will give you a full Refund. 100% refund and a lifetime warranty! Click the “Add to Cart” right now!
  • This new launched product is sold at an extremely favorable price. Attention that this is a limited sale and will be back to $16.99 very soon! Our Water Reservoir may be the most cost-effective in Amazon, so please be ware of low-cost and low-quality fakes from others
  • Premium taste-free, leak-proof reservoir: BPA-FREE and FDA approved materials: This Water Reservoir (2 liters) is made of food grade TPU and superior antimicrobial material. The durable TPU material guarantees pressure and leak-proof performance of Hydration Bladder when doing outdoor sports. Carry enough drinking water in one day for hikers, backpackers, travelers and mountain bikers, fishing or hunting. Hands free without any fear of water leakage due to squeezing and shaking.
  • Wide opening for easy cleaning and filling–our hydration bladder has a wide opening for filling water easily. And this design will make the hydration bladder like a sealed water bag without leaking. The wide opening makes it easy to clean hydration bladder internally with hands and brush. Just need to add ice cubes if want to drink ice water. The bladder can hold up to 40℃ of hot water.
  • Equipped with INSULATED TUBE COVER–the water tube cover prevents outdoor INSULATED TUBE from being soiled during outdoor sports. With INSULATED TUBE, water comes out from bladder that stays cool in summer while warm in winter.


Anonymous says:

SMELLS so bad it is unuseable! After two rounds of scrubbing with dish soap and then two rounds of cleaning with full strength simple Green the manufacturing odor was still so strong I would not even dare to sample a taste of the water coming out of it due to fear of getting sick. I scrubbed with steaming hot water, allowed to soak with degreaser and ran gallons and gallons of water through the tubing, absolutely minimal improvement in this horrific smelling product. Return for inaccurate description (taste and odor free)…

Anonymous says:

New to water bladders I have no experience with using a water bladder, which is why I bought this one. The price. I feel like it does what it’s supposed to do, hold water. No funny taste, easy to open/clean ( slider), insulated hose that removes in a clever manner, so I think I’ll keep it. Haven’t had experience with the high end bladders , but didn’t want to pay a high price just to find out if they were something I would use routinely, so this is what I got. Can’t really say if it will stand the test of time for…

Anonymous says:

Great value, excellent customer service, hundred percent satisfaction guarantee. Length:: 1:30 Mins I was looking for a low-cost bladder that I could use on the trail. I didn’t think I needed a cap and I could just refill it on the trail using my MSR portable pump filter system. When I received this bladder, I quickly realized that you cannot remove the mouthpiece which would allow me to refill it while on the trail . I figured I would use it anyway and refill it by the top opening. The problem with the top opening is that it is very difficult to…

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