Guardian Angel Elite Series Personal Safety Light Bar | Magnetic Hands-Free Mountable Flashlight for Night Time Safety | Long Lasting Rechargeable Battery (Red/Blue)

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Introducing the Guardian AngelTM Personal Safety Light Bar

The Guardian AngelTM Law Enforcement model was created with only one goal in mind – to make it home safe.

As a police officer, you are expected to react to a variety of situations. Having the right tools that help you do your job more effectively and safely are vital. The Guardian AngelTM light allows you to keep your hands free, while providing the visibility that you need, and that civilians need to see you. Whether you are working traffic detail, doing a routine traffic stop, or walking the beat, the Guardian AngelTM is here to offer you the extra protection that visibility can provide in all situations.

Features Include:
•24 high output LED’s rated up to 450 lumens
•Up to 2+ miles of Visibility
•Easy access, one button on/off operation
•Independent Front, Rear, and Emergency light operation
•360° of light
•Light Weight (6 oz)
•Convenient front facing red/white works lights
•Up to 93 hours of continuous battery usage
•Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery
•Durable, Water resistant construction
•Included Neodymium Rare Earth Magnet increases the versatility and mounting options of the Guardian AngelTM.

The Guardian AngelTM – Make It Home Safe

Product Features

  • MAKE IT HOME SAFE – The Guardian Angel Elite series was designed with your safety in mind. Front flashing or constant on white lights allow you to illuminate what is in front of you, while the rear flashing or constant on Red lights notify oncoming traffic of your location.
  • BE VISIBLE AT ALL TIMES – With a total of 18 high output LED’s rated up to 500 lumens, the Guardian Angel offers up to 2 miles of visibility. Your visibility is vastly decreased during night time. Make sure you can be seen with a Guardian Angel.
  • INDEPENDENT OPERATION – The Guardian Angel has front and rear facing LED’s that can be operated independently. Easy one button operation activates the lights that you need. Front, rear, and emergency lighting are accessed at the push of a button.
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION – Weighing only 3 ounces, the Guardian Angel Elite is half the size and weight of the 200 series. The water resistant polycarbonate and ABS construction will stand up to daily abuse. The 1200mAh lithium polymer rechargeable battery is fully sealed, and provides up to extensive hours of continuous use in all weather conditions. With a less than 8 hour charge time, the Guardian Angel can be quickly charged if necessary.
  • UNIVERSAL MOUNTING – The Guardian Angel comes standard with a neodymian rare earth magnet mount. You can attach this mount underneath your clothing, or purchase the many available mounts for your shirt epaulet, bike mount, or windshield mount. The included magnet also works to attach to the hood of your vehicle for certain situations.


Anonymous says:

Safety First – You will feel safer wearing this light. Not the cheapest but worth it in the long run. This light is handy and so far works great. I was very surprised that the light actually fell from my shoulder once while running. The magnet seemed super strong but it may be best to buy the shoulder clip piece just to secure the light to the shoulder better. THE CLIP PIECE SHOULD JUST COME WITH THE ITEM BUT ITS ANOTHER ADD ON ITEM $$$. Other then that the light seems to be great. It has 3 brightness levels and really helps to show my location to passing motorist’s. Safety first. I recommend…

Anonymous says:

White light not bright enough for police work. I purchased this unit as I work 1st watch exclusively and conduct a lot of traffic stops at night. I was looking primarily for a hands free white light so I could approach vehicles without a flashlight in my hand. I was previously using a streamlight clipmate for this purpose and it works good (wish it was brighter as well). I was hoping the GA would add a back flashing LED to increase my safety while doing so. The GA four LED white lights are not bright enough to see into the vehicle’s…

Anonymous says:

DO NOT PURCHASE FROM: DIRECT PREMIUM BUYS EDIT: So I’ve ordered a few of these, and wouldn’t you know, much like others have said, I got a used one that’s not working right. This company is seriously endangering lives, considering who the intended users are for these.I purchased one for myself, mainly because I thought it would keep me safer working after dusk. I usually work evening shift, but occasionally work midnights. That said, I requested approval to use the light before I purchased it, as this is definitely a…

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