Headlamp, Rechargable Headlamp Flashlight 8 LED 20 modes Headlight with White Red Lights Waterproof HeadLamps for Adults Camping Hunting Running Fishing Outdoors Hard Hat Work

February 12, 2020 - Comment
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●Material: Aluminum + ABS
●Power: 18650 Battery*2 (Single is workable)
●Charging mode: USB charging
●Charging time: 4-5 hours
●Using time: maximum 10 hours
●Luminance: maximum 13,000 lumens
●Irradiation distance: up to about 500 meters.
●Zoom: no
●Waterproof level: IPX5
●Power: 32W


●Press the LED key mode button to enter T6 LED*2 mode.
●Press again to enter XPE LED*4 mode.
●Third press to enter XPE LED*4+T6 LED*2 lighting mode.
●Fourth press to enter XPE LED*4+T6 LED*2 flash mode.
●Fifth press to turn off the power.


●Press the COB auxiliary mode button to enter the COB (high)
●Press again to enter COB normal light mode.
●Third press to red light warning.
●Fourth press to Red Flash. ●Fifth press to turn off the power.


1.When putting in the battery, be careful not to mistake the polarity “+” and “-“.
2.Please do not look directly with the eyes. The ultra -high brightness will hurt the eyes.
3.Take the battery out if you don’t use for a long time.
4.Please do not recharge after running out of electricity for a longer using. 5.Do not mix different batteries.
6.Keep the inner clean. Do not wipe with your hands or hard objects. Wipe the fingerprints off the lens with cotton sticks and soft tools.


1* LED headlamp. 1* USB cable.
2* 18650 battery.

Thank you for your patience and wish you a happy life!

Product Features

  • 🔅 RECHARGEABLE HEADLAMP: wearing 2 sections of 18650, can be fully recharged in 2 to 3 hours, and the headlamp will automatically turn off when fully charged. And there is a red warning light on the battery box. The built-in battery makes the use of the headlamp more convenient and comfortable.
  • 🔅 UPDATE WORKING MODE : Our headlamps have a variety of working modes and are suitable for different use scenarios. Red light intensity adjustment + different white light on = 20 working modes
  • 🔅 WATERPROOF&ADJUSTABLE : 8 LED lheadlamp with IXP Class 5 waterproof, so that our headlights can better illuminate the front even in rainy or snowy environments, and can rotate freely at 90 °
  • 🔅 SCENES TO BE USED : The headlight can be used in camping, hunting, night running, fishing, outdoor helmet work, car repair, etc.
  • 🔅ADVANCED SERVICES :We will provide a 3-year warranty and a 90-day full refund or replacement service. If you have any questions, please contact us by email


Anonymous says:

Extremely bright! Length:: 0:51 Mins This headlight is awesome! I live out in the country on our farm and there are no street lights. I frequently have to go out and check on the livestock after dark. Before I was carrying a bulky flashlight to get the lumens I needed. I wore this headlight out last night and it was very bright. I love the fact that the rechargeable batteries are in the headlight and all I need to do is plug in a USB to charge it. It even has a little red LED light in…

Anonymous says:

Very bright! Length:: 0:16 Mins Pros:1. Extremely bright! The instructions say not to look directly at the light. Unfortunately, I read the instructions after I looked at the light. Don’t do it!2. Rechargeable. I have several headlamps for hiking and camping. Batteries are always a hassle and expensive. I can use my car charger to recharge this while on the road.3. HEAD lamp. After buying my first headlamp many years ago, I decided to never buy a regular…

Anonymous says:

It is very bright and the quality looks good Length:: 3:45 Mins I have reviewed several lights of this type to decide on ones that are useful to me in what I need.This light has several positive points.1 – Very powerful light2 – Battery life is good (for what I need)3 – Be able to use just two, 4 or all lights at the same time.4 – Easy to change modes and lights, by only having two buttons.5 – It feels comfortable in the head and is very light in weight.I’ve…

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