Hi-Spec 48 Piece Starters DIY Tool Kit with 2 All-Purpose Multi-Tools. Pocketable, Repair & Quick Fix for The Household, Outdoors and Bike Maintenance. Stored in an Easy Carry Compact Case

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2-in-1 T-Bar Ratcheting Driver
Forward-reverse-lock modes for quick turning of screws.

16 x 1″/25mm Screw Bits:
Phillips PH1 x 2, PH2 x 2, PH3
Torx T10, T15, T20, T25, T30
SL 1/8; 5/32; 3/16; 1/4
PH1, PH2
From a range of everyday fasteners found around the home, office and dorm.

20 x 1″/25mm Precision Screw Bits:
S0.8 ,S1.2, S1.5
TP2, TP2.7, TP3.2
Torx T4 ,T5 ,T6 ,T8
Phillips PH00 PH0
Slotted 1.0mm 1.5mm 2.0mm
Hex 0.8 ,1 ,1.5 2, 3
For smaller fasteners, including those found on household and handheld electronics.

14-in-1 Blue Multi Pliers
(Long nose Pliers; Pliers;Wire Cutters, Fish Scale Scraper,Saw,Ruler,File,Flat Screwdriver, Can Opener, Bottle Opener, Phillips Screwdriver, Small Flat Screwdriver, Fishhook Remover)

15 in 1 Pocket Bike Repair Tool (Hex Key :2mm/2.5mm/3mm/4mm/5mm/6mm, Metric Socket 8mm/9mm/10mm, Slotted 5mm,Phillips #2, Flat wrench:8mm/10mm/15mm, Sleeve Extending Connecting Rod)
For repair and maintaining bicycles.

1pc BMC
1pc Blue Digital Voltage Tester
20pc WhiteNylon Cable Ties (Length:150mm)
20pc Blue Nylon Cable Ties (Length:100mm)
1pc 2M Transparent Tape Measure- Metric & SAE
1pcs 8oz Hammer-CS
1pc 6″” Blue Plastic Level

Product Features

  • ◆ MULTI TOOLS & HAND TOOLS: A practical selection of two multi-function multi-tools and the most reached-for DIY hand tools. The Hi-Spec 48 Piece Starters DIY Tool Kit with 2 All-Purpose Multi-Tools makes everyday fixing and maintenance easier and faster. Its versatile set of tools tackles those quick DIY repair and fixing jobs that always need to get done or crop-up when least expected. A vibrant cool-blue styling with an easy-carry tool box makes this eye-catching set a great gift idea
  • ♦ TOOLS IN A COMPACT CASE: Multi-purpose Multi Tool; All-In-1 Bike Tool; 2m 6ft tape measure with key chain; 8oz all-purpose claw hammer with rubber-grip; 6″ spirit level; 3-1/2″ kitchen scissors; voltage test pen; crafting/hobby knife with 5 extra blades; 2-In-1 Bit Driver Ratcheting T-handle; 16 piece driver bits; 20 piece precision driver bits; 40 piece cable ties; a compact and convenient carry-case to keep tools prepared and easily stored
  • ◆ A MULTI-PURPOSE MULTI-TOOL: Be prepared for any unexpected situation to cut, saw, open, tighten, unscrew, or even descale fish with the multi-tool included in the Hi-Spec 48 Piece Starters DIY Tool Kit. A pocketable size with a stainless steel body and blue anodised Aluminium handles. Packed with functionality for emergencies, outdoors and camping: Pliers with mini-cutters; 2-1/4″ Knife Blade; 2″ Saw Blade; Can & Bottle Openers; 4 Screwdrivers; 2-1/2″ Ruler; 2″ Fine file; a fish Descaler
  • ♦ ALL-IN-1 BIKE MULTI-TOOL: From unfastening wheel nuts to fixing seat posts and attaching bike lights, and even everyday home use too, the All-In-1 Bike multi-tool in the Hi-Spec 48 Piece Starters DIY Tool Kit has a tool for that trail or road ride. Made of rust-resistant Chromium-Vanadium steel and a 206g weight, it includes: a 4-sizes mini-wrench handle with locking position; 6-sizes Hex/Allen keys; slotted/Phillips screwdrivers; 3 mini-sockets, neatly folded in, with a 1/4″ drive handle
  • ♦ START EVERYDAY DIY: From flat pack & furniture assembly, tapping nails, size and level measuring, installing fixtures and fittings, pulling, snipping and binding cables and wire, box and paper cutting, to crafting workpieces. Use the 2-In-1 Bit Driver T-handle, with two-direction ratcheting, for fastening all screws. Its detachable double-sided bit holder swaps between regular-sized screw bits for household items and large appliances, and the precision bits for electronics and delicate items


Anonymous says:

Good for money Great for small home issues.

Anonymous says:

MamiShark ToolKit Very Nice Starter Tool-Kit, Not Just For The Wife….

Anonymous says:

Perfect for college senior gift I gave this as a gift to my younger sister who recently got a new car and will also be graduating college this year. It’s a must for any independent young man or woman.I took one star off sturdiness because one of the latches was slightly warped when it came. Otherwise I highly recommend this.

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