High Sierra Swerve Laptop Backpack, Black/Tropic Nights/Turquoise

May 8, 2018 - Comment
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The High Sierra swerve is a stylish backpack that has every feature needed for work and play. The swerve is a large capacity pack with storage solutions perfect for all of your gear. The large main compartment has two way entry with a laptop and tablet sleeve. The dual access to the digital gear makes getting to them easy without disturbing other contents. The airflow back panel, side compressions straps and suspension system shoulder straps make carrying heavier loads feel lighter and more comfortable.

Product Features

  • Large main compartments and multiple pockets allow you to keep all of your gear secure and organized
  • A fully padded CushionZone laptop compartment accommodates most 17-inch models. A dedicated TechSpot sleeve provides an ideal space for your tablet.
  • The suspension system provides relief when carrying heavier loads. It does so by dampening the shock of weight transfer while transporting your gear
  • Moisture wicking Vapel mesh material and deep air channels create maximum airflow between your back and the pack.
  • Multiple pockets including a zippered mesh pocket, pen pockets, lidded media pocket and key fob hook are perfect for keeping all of your smaller items secure


sojourner says:

Won in taste test! First off, I bought the Swiss Gear 5977 which is a close geometric comparison to this High Sierra, and found several poor design issues with the SWISS PACK. First off, the Swiss backpack lower pencil pocket only has one zipper. This High Sierra B/P has two zippers on the lower pencil/calculator pocket. WHY is that important you may ask? Well, for the Swiss Gear pocket to be fully closed, the zipper pull would be all the way down on the side of the pocket at the bottom. If, -just in case you…

Daniel Lieu says:

This is probably one of the best backpacks I’ve owned This is probably one of the best backpacks I’ve owned. The problem is that the quality of the zipper for the top small sunglasses/wallet/keys/whatever pocket is very poor quality. I only owned this less than 3 months and it has already literally ripped off the rest of the backpack, resulting in a pretty much large hole in it.Great backpack design and pockets, ruined by the poor quality of the zipper. Also, as a note, I am very gentle with the zipper because I read the previous…

blank Brianna says:

Story Time So this backpack is actually pretty amazing. Not only does it fit almost all of my nursing books, but it’s sturdy and strong! So here’s the story! I was walking home and tried to beat the crosswalk light. Spoiler alert: I didn’t beat the crosswalk light. I get hit by a car and flip, landing with my entire weight onto the backpack. I had my Macbook Pro in the sleeve, and my phone in the side pocket netting. I just got HIT BY A CAR AND LANDED ON THIS THING. I I was completely alright. My ribs,…

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