High Trek Trekking Poles (Pair) w/Sweat Absorbing EVA Grips – Your Collapsible Hiking Poles/Lightweight Walking Stick Set – Tungsten Tips and Flip Locks – Hiking Sticks for Men & Women

May 26, 2019 - Comment
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Your Safety and Stability is our Top Priority!

We designed our deluxe High Trek Trekking Poles with a special blend of aerospace-grade 7075 aluminum, and weighs only 8.7 ounces each! Our premium aluminum material is both strong and stable on the trails, but also lightweight and easy to carry. Our heavy-duty aluminum can withstand pressure and impact far better than brittle carbon fiber poles. Plus, they’re several ounces lighter than other aluminum poles- which means less fatigue for you on the trails!

Here is What’s Included:

2 Premium Aluminum Trekking Poles

2 Mud Baskets

2 Hard Surface Tips

2 Connectors

Keep Your Hands Happy!

We created our Trekking Pole Handles with hand-conforming EVA that provide you with all-day comfort and sweat-absorption. Plus, the soft and adjustable hand straps assist in holding your hands in the correct position for effortlessly gripping the poles on long hikes.

Enjoy Secure Height-Adjusting Locks

Our High Trek Telescopic Hiking Poles have secure lever locks to easily adjust to your height preference. Our poles adjust from 25 to 53 inches. And you’ll never have to worry about the levers jamming up. They are very simple and easy-to-use to securely adjust to your proper height. Great for for women and men of all sizes!

Product Features

  • Easy To Adjust: Your Trekking Poles With Lever Locks Are Simple to Adjust To Your Ideal Height – With One Hand – Even With Gloves On
  • Light Weight: At Only 8.7 Ounces Each, Your Poles Are Strong And Can Take a Beating. Great Quality And Value
  • Comfortable Grips: Ergonomically Designed EVA Handles Provide All-Day Comfort for Men or Women so you have the freedom to hike further
  • Easy to Pack: The poles fit into carry-on size luggage or attach to your backpack. Sections easily separate for even more compactness
  • Warranted For A Full Year – We Help Protect Your Knees While You Are Exploring Nature’s Beauty


Anonymous says:

Great poles, but be careful where you place them… I bought these trekking poles for my recent trip on the Appalachian Trail. I knew there would be high elevation gains and steep inclines/declines (not to mention all of the roots and rocks) so I wanted to have a pair of trekking poles to keep myself stable and take some of the pressure off my legs. And these did just that! Granted, the tips that come with it actually grip wet rocks better than dry rocks. How do I know this? Well, my first day on the trail I put the trekking pole ahead of myself…

Anonymous says:

Going uphill these poles were forcefully jammed hard into the loose soil in order to ensure I didn’t side down some of these sup So I will start by saying that I am a 250lb male power lifter, so fully loaded backpacking gear, water, boots, I weigh in about 300 lbs. So I a well above the average weight of a backpacker. So keep that in mind when I review the stability and strength of these trekking poles.I used these poles on an eight day traverse across olympic national park. With about 10,000 feet of elevation gain and loss each. With an average of about 1,000 ft/mi on unstable shale talus/scree slopes…

Anonymous says:

Made my life better As a former hiker I recalled that they were excellent on uneven ground. Now as a “little old lady”; with arthritis and a artificial knee that is wearing out; I decided to try poles again for the balance & security. These poles are far superior to others that I tried. Light weight, easy to adjust(pain in hands is intense). Love the color & the choice of tips for multi surfaces Thanks to these poles I can & do get out and walk again instead of hobbeling.It feels so good to be able…

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