Himalayan trekking poles to meet with you(Chinese Edition)

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Language:Chinese.Pub Date: 2014-08-01 Publisher: China Translation and Publishing Co.. China’s first female writer Red backpacking trip 80 days. 1000 km. crossing the snowy mountains of Nepal 100.000. through the moonlight. the silence. the rarefied air with Valentine’s carcass . just arrived in the Himalayas for the soul to meet with you. with your own spiritual encounter. This is a wandering literature. literature on the road. Wayfarer. Pilgrim’s spiritual journey. the Chinese version of On the Road and Gone with the Wind. The book with a vivid image of the truth of literature and art photography stories. sentimental reproduction of tranquility to the bone marrow of the Himalayan mountain civilization. as the East’s oldest Buddhist. Hindu birthplace – the thrill of climbing a snowy Himalayan magnificent and beautiful. as well as numerous walking local mountain. Sherpa. exp…


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