IUNIO Folding Shovel 31 inch Length Portable with Pickax Carrying Bag Multitool Spade for Camping Entrenching Car Emergency (Standard Black)

November 6, 2019 - Comment
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Portable Folding Shovel – It is designed and produced according to self-driving experiences of many experienced outdoor sports lovers, assembling practicability, functionality and security in it.

Throw it in your bug-out-bag, hunting, camping or hiking backpack and be prepared for the worst.

The Folding shovel can be used to dig tires out of dirt if a car becomes stuck. These tools also make mini snow shovels for digging tires out of snow banks. It include a pick tool that can help crack ice or remove rocks. Since it’s so compact and space-saving in design, a folding shovel is a great tool to have in any vehicle. The shovel can even be used to build sandcastles complete with trenches during trips to the beach. Another name for the folding shovel since its pointed type of blade makes it suitable for digging trenches around campsites to collect water away from the campsite. A folding camping shovel can also be used to scoop out rocks and flatten a surface for a tent as well as dig holes for tent stakes. Folding shovels can also be used to create a fire pit. A folding mini shovel is often used in gold panning to scoop and dig through rocks to search for pieces of the valuable mineral.

Material: high-carbon steel
Total unfold length: approx. 780mm/30.7″/2.56ft
Folding length: approx. 175mm/6.89″/0.57ft
Width: approx. 110mm/4.33″/0.36ft
Packing Size: approx. 200*130*60mm.
Weight: approx. 1200g.

Package include:
1x Shovel with pickax
1x Fish Scaler Tool
1x Whistle
1x Magnesium Fire Starter with Safety Hammer
2x Extension Handle
1x Anti-skid Handle
1x Tactical Waist Bag

Product Features

  • Portable Folding Shovel (31 inch Length) – It is designed and produced according to self-driving experiences of many experienced outdoor sports lovers and any kind of outdoor enthusiasts: Off-roading, 4-Wheeling, SUVing, Backpacking, Expeditionists, Tent Camping, Pop-up Camping, RV Camping, Cadets, Scouts, Hikers, Hunters, Fisherman, Gardeners, Gold Digger, Motorcyclists. This folding shovel is assembled practicability, functionality and security in it.
  • Extension Bars – Features a regular shovel doesn’t even have, all in this convenient folding shovel: Shovel Board, Saw, Bottle Opener, Nail Extractor, Hoe, Fish Scaler Tool, Emergency Whistle, Fire Bar, Hammer. Extension Bar included: Except being an ordinary folding shovel, you can extend this shovel to a comfortable size for standing up digging. You can choose the length of shovel by adding less or more extensions according to your height.
  • Multifunctional – Ideal for camping, hiking, snow, self-defense, backpacking, fishing, hunting, gardening outdoor activities. Also great for anyone to use, gardeners, survivalists, hunters, hikers, campers. This Folding Shovel is also an ideal entrenchment tool for Field Survivalists, Disaster Recovery Staff, Truck driver.
  • Sturdy & Durable – The shovel blade and handle are made of high-carbon steel which is high-strength and wear-resistant. The grip on the handle is made of rubber. This shovel has passed the durability tests and our destruction tests.
  • Portable & Compact – This shovel folds up and fits in a high quality tactical waist pack with a belt loop to carry at your side. It’s easy for you to hang it on your belt to carry after shovel folds up to small part. Backed with a Lifetime Warranty! Simply contact us through Amazon if you have any issues or concerns with our product at any time and we will provide you a free replacement or refund your money without any issues in 24 hours!


Anonymous says:

Good deal for sturdy product Product shipped fast and seems durable. I got what I expected and contrary to other reviewers I had no problem unscrewing the end caps for the fish scaler or fire starter. I noticed that with a little ingenuity, I could fit more survival items into the segments of the handle. The head of the shovel is not as large as other collasple shovels but it is much more portable. I was so impressed with this kit that I bought one for my son’s girlfriend who is a avid camper.

Anonymous says:

Great for camping, great for x-small and x-large hands UPDATE: It is holding up after 2 years. Because my full length shovel was broken…darn woodpecker, I used this to dig out a bush. The serrated edge really helped cut through the roots because it had tangled itself with another tree. It did not stand a chance vs this tactical shovel.UPDATE: Light enough for elementary school children and women with XS hands.Great camping shovel. It helped me put out campfires fairly easily, and it beats carrying a 6′ shovel.Could screw on the…

blank Anonymous says:

17 Inch Shovel Very Good. Customer Service Outstanding! This is an edited review is for the 17″ shovel.As far as the steel goes, it seems to be durable and strong. I’ve had my shovel since April of 2018 and have used it several times now camping and it does good job. The handle on mine kept unscrewing so I had to stop and make sure I tightened it back again before I lost my shovel head in the fire or somewhere else but I fixed that by using some Teflon tape on the threads (see attached pic) and it does just fine now!Giving it 4 stars…

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