Kelty Bestie Blanket – Special Edition – Camp Blanket for Outside, Camping, Travel, Festivals, Picnics, and Around The House

December 16, 2019 - Comment
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Product Features

  • Cozy: Cloudloft insulation packs an incredibly high warmth to weight ratio making this blanket your go to no matter where you go
  • Comfortable: Packed with brushed polyester Pongee and Poly Taffeta this blanket is kitten soft on both sides, you won’t want it to leave your side.
  • Convenient: This is perfectly sized for lounging around the campfire – or anywhere really, and is easy to transport with the included stuff sack. Leave it in the car and you’re always ready for adventures.
  • Built For Play: Kelty gives you the easy and spontaneous excuse you need to get out there and escape from the mundane. We build great gear that’s made to last and inspire you to rediscover the joy of spontaneous play. Every. Day
  • Cure For The Common Kid: At Kelty, we’ve made it our mission to find the cure for the common kid: a path to families spending more time outside-and encouraging kids to do what they were born to do. So get diry, get active, we’re here to help.


Anonymous says:

Love, love, LOVE these blankets! I originally purchased this inexpensive blanket to keep in the car for picnics, roadside emergencies, or for our dog to lay on…. It’s actually really, really nice. And while I can use it for all my intended uses, it almost seems like a crime to abuse such a nice blanket! I liked the blanket so well, that I purchased a second to have in the cabin! We’ve used them to cuddle in while sitting next to our outdoor fire pit, and as an extra layer while car camping. They are our go-to whenever we…

Anonymous says:

Awesome personal blanket for camping. UPDATE (2/20/18):This was already a great piece of equipment, and now I’ve made it even more functional for myself. I am transitioning to hammock camping, and don’t want to buy a 50-degree top quilt just yet just to save 8 ounces. Instead, I installed some #20 plastic snaps along the bottom edge of the blanket, so I can snap a footbox into it. Now I have a summer camping quilt. I also installed some snaps along the long side so I can make a blanket poncho for those cooler nights where…

blank Anonymous says:

This is probably the campsite blanket you’re looking for. I’m not sure how anyone could give this less than four stars unless they misinterpreted it’s purpose.. Let’s be clear about what it isn’t: this is not a substitute for a cold-weather sleeping bag. This is not a shelter. This is not a replacement for a hammock underquilt.What it is, is a comfy blanket, probably best deployed in that temperature range where you’re already sporting a hoody but you don’t want to put on a jacket. I’m 6’2″ and I can wrap this around me like a cape,…

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