Kiln-Dried Kindling 1 Cubic Ft. Easy-Light Fire Starter All Natural Red Cedar

November 6, 2019 - Comment
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Our kiln-dried cedar kindling lights easily and burns hot for the perfect fire starter. Use in wood stoves, fireplaces, smokers, or campfires. These are clean, .3″ – 1″ thick kindling wood that can be burned as is, or split into smaller pieces to start hundreds of fires. We have a lofty goal of 100% wood-fiber utilization. Which just means we want to find responsible ways to not let our natural resources go to waste. This product supports that goal by making kindling you can use out of wood that was destined to be thrown away.

Product Features

  • Kindling in Bulk – Approximately 200-400 11″-long pieces, since thickness varies from .30″ to 1″
  • Kiln-Dried Western Red Cedar – Our cedar fire starters arrive to you bone dry for fast and easy lighting!
  • Free of Dirt and Debris – Clean of dirt and debris for no-mess storage and a clean burning fire.
  • 100% Natural – We never uses chemicals or additives, only all-natural Western cedar.
  • Don’t Pay for Moisture Content – Drier wood weighs less, so we don’t sell our wood by the pound.


Anonymous says:

Outstanding! These were just what we were looking for. As many fires as we have, they won’t last the season for sure, but what a convenience. And better to use than fat wood. I recommend this if you are looking for an easy way to start your fire. We have reordered since the original purchase, however, I do wish these cost a little less since I don’t want to use fat wood due to the environment.

Anonymous says:

Right sized sticks The art of the backyard bonfire:Start with the smallest, dry kindling you can find (like dead leaves), slowly add small sticks (dry twigs), then add slightly larger sticks. These are those slightly larger sticks. Not kindling, but those crucial sticks that keep a fire going. They also transition well to logs. I’ve saved a dying out log by sticking two of these under it and reigniting the fire. Good, dry, and medium burning sticks

blank Anonymous says:

They work well if you actually know what you are doing!!! After reading a few of the negative reviews, it became painfully obvious that the negative reviews are from people who do NOT know how to build a fire and somehow think they can just light these with a match or lighter and that will create the desired fire. For all of those types out there thinking it would be an equivalent to say, a duraflame or some other toxic garbage, it isn’t. This is EXCELLENT kindling and works very well if you actually know how to build a fire. If you don’t, consult…

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