LEATHERMAN – Crunch Multitool with Folding Locking Pliers and Pin Vice, Stainless Steel with Nylon Sheath

July 17, 2019 - Comment
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Locking pliers that fold away make the Leatherman Crunch unlike any multitool available today. The Crunch clamps up to a 1-inch diameter pipe, and if you remove the adjusting screw, you’ll find a hex-bit adapter built right in. With locking blades that release with the push of a button, the Crunch will take a bite out of any job. Closed Length: 4 in (10 cm); Weight: 6.9 oz (196 g); Blade Length: 2.2 in (5.5 cm).

Product Features

  • READY FOR ANYTHING: The Crunch features unique locking pliers that fold away. Equipped with a variety of tough tools, the Crunch will take a bite out of any job.
  • FIT MORE FUNCTIONALITY: Features a variety of pliers, wire cutters, wire stripper, serrated knife, ruler, pin vice, bottle opener, files, hex bit driver, and screwdrivers.
  • ALWAYS ON HAND: With its compact size and lanyard ring, your Crunch is always within reach and ready to work.
  • SAFE AND SECURE: All-locking features means that every tool and knife will lock when fully opened, keeping you safe and the tools securely in place.
  • GUARANTEED: Our 25-year limited warranty ensures that your Leatherman will give you many years of dependable service. Just send it in and we’ll fix it up. All Leatherman multitools are made and repaired right here in the USA.


Anonymous says:

Leatherman Crunch This is my second Crunch. The first is still fine after almost 20 years of moderate use. When you need a vice-grip type pliers there just aren’t many substitutes. This gives you the power to lock down with a better grip than any ordinary pliers. Since the pliers system takes up one side the blade selection is basic but quite useful. Well made of good quality stainless and not to large or heavy it is comfortable in the pouch. If you can find one with the leather pouch it is nicer than the nylon…

Anonymous says:

leatherman Awesome tool i have gerber multitools several of them this is better than all of them. I had a problem with my car i blew out a intercooler coupling on the highway pulled over because the car was now busted from too much boost pressure and a cop stopped saw me under the hood asked whats up told him what happened i asked him if he had an adjustable wrench to borrow because my damn tool box was being borrowed well the police officer pulls out this leatherman i was like yeah right this wont do…

Anonymous says:

Best pliers for EDC, mediocre multitool Pliers that can wrap around a 1-inch pipe? Hell yes. These are the pliers you want when you get stuck with a strange bolt.Date Purchased:May 2014 although I had previously had one for about three years before it was stolen.What it can do:-Wide-mouthed pliers that can get around a 1-inch pipe. It can wrap around some tough jobs and still grip well.-Serious vice-grips. Not a full-sized pair but tough, especially given the way they fold away.-Typical…

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