LEGO Classic Gray Baseplate 10701 Building Toy compatible with Building Bricks for Kids Play (1 Piece)

December 10, 2019 - Comment
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Whether your kids are creating a street scene with toy buildings, a toy castle, or something of their own imagination, this gray baseplate is the perfect complement to your kid’s existing building set. This baseplate, measuring 48×48 studs, is large enough for tons of building bricks and hours of pretend play. Plus, kids can also use this gray baseplate as a toy display for endless LEGO creations.

Product Features

  • Add to your kids’ LEGO building bricks collection with this useful gray baseplate piece! This baseplate is large enough to bring to life any building set and expand creativity for kids.
  • This gray baseplate is a LEGO classic and a great supplement to any LEGO building bricks collection! It will help complete any building kit your kid has.
  • Kids can build a toy castle or toy buildings with one of the most useful building bricks accessories. This baseplate can be used as a toy display or for hours of creative play with any building bricks they own.
  • This build it yourself toy is suitable for ages 4-99 and will complement any toy playset and building bricks toys.
  • This building brick baseplate measures 48×48 studs or 15” (38cm) x 15” (38cm)


Anonymous says:

Very satisified, arrived a day and a half later, and Duplo legos work with it! Purchased this to make a lego table for my three year old. She uses Duplo right now, but we didn’t want to glue down a Duplo base. We wanted the table to grow with her. After reading mixed reviews on whether this fit Duplo or not, we decided to just try it. DUPLO’S FIT! Very pleased! From what I understand, Lego made it so that they’re interchangeable. She enjoys her table and I’m happy that it’ll work even when she’s too old for Duplo and has moved on to regular sized legos.

Anonymous says:

Everything is awesome What you get: 1 large baseplate.What you don’t get: Enough time to play with everything when it is all put together.Building our own 2 x 5 baseplate city using the #1 construction toy in the world.These are authentic branded base plates.Cut these to fill in the space behind the road so we could build buildings.Disclosure: I paid full asking price for this item. This disclosure DOES influence my rating from the perspective of value. I always consider…

Anonymous says:

Pricey, but works great LEGO brand baseplates aren’t cheap, however, their quality is unmatched when compared to the knock-offs.This baseplate is larger than the typical baseplate, which can be both good and bad. If you are amassing a larger scene and you want to connect baseplates, this size can be problematic as it doesn’t cleanly fit next to the typical 10 x 10 baseplates. You’ll need to have a few 5 x 5 or 5 x 10 plates to make everything fit nicely.However, if you’re looking for an…

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