Men’s & Women’s Fire Starter Survival Necklace – Larger Ferro Rods, G10 Handle & 550 Fish & Fire Paracord- Ferro Rod Fire Starter – Firestarter Kit for Camping & Backpacking

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Men’s fire starter necklace Your Next Fascinating Nature Exploration, In Top Safety Whether you’re on a refreshing weekend trip in the woods, a lake exploration, your camping, backpacking or fishing holidays, starting a fire is of vital importance. And a reliable flint and steel fire starter should definitely make part of your survival kit, as it can prove life-saving in case of emergency. ferro rod fire starters, you are in the right place! PRESENTING THE ULTIMATE SURVIVAL NECKLACE FOR ADVENTUROUS MEN & WOMEN! We know how stressful it is to agonize with poor quality fire starters whenever you need to produce spark for your meal cooking outdoors. And we have created a premium ferro rod fire starter in the form of a stylish, unisex and trendy survival necklace that will upgrade the looks of any nature loving man or woman. The sturdy 550 paracord is fish & fire, featuring a strand of fishing line and a strand of tinder to be used as kindling for starting a fire, while the soft & sturdy ferrocerium will help you strike a fire in no time. Add to the above the strong G10 handle that facilitates control in use and you have the profile of a survival necklace which was designed for your peace of mind in nature! FEATHER-LIKE & COMPACT So lightweight you’ll forget you are wearing it, our emergency necklace will be easily carried around your neck to help you produce that life-saving spark. DURABLE 550 paracord fish and fire cord, long-lasting FAST RELEASE clasp, for easy breakaway Your MUST-HAVE Survival Tool Carry your survival necklace around your neck and set off: Camping Hiking Trekking Fishing Hunting Backpacking Boating Picnic or BBQ PERFECT balance of softness & sturdiness ferrocerium NONSLIP G10 handle, for optimal control in use VERSATILE DESIGN as the scraper can be attached to another ferro rod Why Choose Our Fire Starter Necklace? WATERPROOF & WEATHERPROOF tinder cord NATURAL, non-toxic materials, free of chemicals & additives

Product Features

  • ✅ ARE YOU READY FOR THE NEXT NATURE ADVENTURE? Set off camping, backpacking, hunting or bush crafting with a trustworthy flint fire starter necklace, ready to start a fire in nature & keep dry or help you cook your meal.
  • ✅ NO MORE UNRELIABLE FLINT AND STEEL FIRE STARTERS! Forget about firestarters that fail to do what they promise. Our fire striker necklace features a sturdy 550 paracord and the PERFECT hardness, shape and quality ferrocerium for max efficiency.
  • ✅ STARTING A FIRE IN NATURE IS MADE A BREEZE thanks to the ergonomic G10 handle on the ferro rod scraper. Easy to hold and anti-slip for enhanced control in use, it makes starting a fire easier, faster & ULTRA efficient, when you need it most.
  • ✅ A MODERN EMERGENCY NECKLACE FOR ALL NATURE LOVERS: Sturdy, feather-like and compact, our tactical survival necklace is also youthful and stylish, designed for the camper, hiker or fisherman who does not want to compromise style for safety.
  • ✅ YOUR 100% SATISFACTION- OUR TOP PRIORITY: We back our fire starter necklace with Full Refund Policy, and our 5-star Customer Service, for your convenience. So, order yours Risk-Free and one more as a thoughtful gift for a loved nature adventurer!


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Awesomeness Like to have items that might need. Would like some.items to have multiple colors to choose from. But I love it .go it and not took I off.

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