MM50-01 Multi-Max 5.0-Amp Oscillating Tool Kit with Tool-LESS Accessory Chance Interface & 30 Accessories

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The Dremel Multi-Max mm50 oscillating tool is equipped with a powerful 5.0 amp motor, The highest amp rated tool at the $129 price point. It is also built with a robust metal head that lowers vibration for cleaner precise results with less fatigue, as well as increasing tool durability. The innovative design with the compact head and angled body makes it easier to get into tight hard-to-reach spaces and gives you much better control, especially when flush or plunge cutting. Twist and push the knob for quick, simple and tool-less blade Change. Includes 30 accessories and a carry on bag for you to get started right away. It’s the smoothest, smallest, Smartest and strongest in its class. Experience the evolution of innovation with The new Dremel mm50!

Product Features

  • The Dremel MM50 has a robust design that provides low vibration operation giving you better control for precise and clean cuts
  • With a compact head that is 30% smaller than other tools in its Class, The MM50 allows you to get into tight hard-to-reach spaces that others won’t fit
  • Exclusive And unique angled body design delivers a much improved experience, especially during flush cuts: you have better control and more room for your hands under the tool
  • Powerful 5.0 amp motor, highest in its Class, delivers Pro performance to get the toughest jobs done, such as cutting door jambs, trim, baseboards or any other restoration related project
  • Tool-less blade change system allows you to change Accessories by simply twisting the knob, Pushing it down and inserting accessory
  • Variable speed – from 10, 000-21, 000 OPM for optimal performance and control when working with various
  • The kit includes one storage bag and a variety range of 30 accessories for cutting and sanding wood, drywall, metal and more


Anonymous says:

Excellent addition to my collection of Dremel Tools I have a nice collection of Dremel Tools including the Dremel 4000 and cordless Dremel rotary tool which are invaluable for my home maintenance and improvement projects. However, none of these tools provide enough power when it comes to cutting hard wood materials. I have tried the rotary saw kit and a variety of cutting wheels which are only adequate for small jobs but failed when I used it to cut hard wood materials such as maple and white oak.The Dremel Multi-Max 5.0-Amp…

Anonymous says:

Great tool for DIYers I did not know how great these oscillating tools were until I tried this one. I’ve already thought of several points where this would have been really valuable when I built my shed. Having a precision saw, in essence, would have been really helpful in some of the finish and trim work. Aside from that, I’ve already used this to cut some openings in the T-11 siding on the shed. It’s like having a mini circular saw. It comes with the blades to do all this and also includes a sanding shoe and pads…

blank Anonymous says:

Poweful; handles those really difficult jobs My perennial challenge is how to get into difficult and tight spaces and make clean cuts. This kit is the answer. two immediate projects I took up:1. Removing and replacing a cracked tile. the tool cut through the grout like butter and made it easy for me to lever up the broken tile; saved hours of chipping away manually.2. cutting an accurate slot in a baseboard to run a pipe. I could figure out no easy approach save for drilling holes and using a hacksaw blade – it’s so…

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