Motorola Talkabout T800 Two-Way Radios, 2 Pack, Black/Blue

September 7, 2019 - Comment
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The talk about T800 two-way radio allows you to track and share locations with all your travel companions. No cell service, No problem. The secret is once your phone-radio system is connected over Bluetooth, the talk about smartphone app enables communication options beyond Push-to-Talk. The talk about app uses the T800 as a modem to send messages, locations, and more over radio frequencies to your fellow T800 users. With better communication and more information, you are connected like never before allowing for maximum connectivity and activity off the Cellular Grid.

Product Features

  • Radio control settings, Bluetooth connectivity, off-grid group messaging or broadcasting,  offline location sharing and tracking, easy group communication,  and emergency location.
  • With 22 channels and 121 privacy Codes, totaling 2, 662 Combinations, it’s easy to find an available channel.
  • Up to 35-mile voice range and 20-mile data range,  depending on terrain and conditions.
  • Keep updated with real-time weather conditions via 11 weather channels with alert features (including 7 NOAA channels).
  • Hidden display,  weatherproof design,  seamless keypad,  Dual watch, easy pairing,  vibrate mode, LED flashlight, Micro USB charging, Dual power (AA and NiMH).


Anonymous says:

Faux bluetooth wont connect to a headset. When I think about bluetooth connectivity I would never expect that to mean a bluetooth set of earmuffs….Dont buy these if you want to use your nice Peltor bluetooth ear muffs and connect them to the handset. They wont.Also if you give up on not having wires and go to use the 3.5 mm jack dont buy these. It isnt a 3.5mm jack.So long story short my farther and I will still be reenacting episodes of American Chopper screaming at eachother when we want to use…

Anonymous says:

Calling all family members. Come in please… over To start with, I wanted to mention that I am a licensed ham radio operator. I state this fact not to impress you, but to convey the fact that I have better methods of communication at my disposable than a pair of FRS / GMRS radios.So why would I want this? Simple. Not everyone is licensed, and there may be times I may want to communicate with my spouse, or someone else in a more relaxed setting. Say hiking, camping etc.Disclaimer – The FCC requires a license to use the…

Anonymous says:

Per FCC filing the max power of this thing is 750mW and yet they claim the same 35 miles. FCC ID for these units is AZ489FT4947. According to Intertek test report maximum output power it produces is nowhere near 2W allowed under FRS: it is 750mW.And yet, they claim the same “distance” as they did for T460, which produced 1.75W transmitter. It’s just pathetic.I have called their support to clarify that and support was absolutely incompetent and just read me stuff from the user manual.

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