Multi-Purpose Marking and Measuring Tool (New Version)

March 4, 2020 - Comment
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Is An Incredibly Handy Multi-Purpose Marking And Measuring Tool, Perfect For A Wide Variety Of Household And Jobsite Applications. The Features Three Different Scale Configurations, A Built-In Level, A Handy 3/16 inch Reveal Gauge, And Much More… Whether You Need To Transfer A Measurement For That Last Ceramic Tile, Layout Some Mitered Corners, Or Just Straighten A Few Simple Picture Frames, The is The Only Tool You’Ll Need To Get The Job Done. Features: , 3 Scale Configurations , Imperial And Metric Scale , Built-In 3/16 inch Reveal Gauge , Torpedo Level , Durable And Compact Design.

Product Features

  • Perfect for general layout
  • Cumulative scale for transferring measurements
  • 3/16-Inch offset for door trim
  • 3 Unique scale positions
  • Wide variety of measuring and marking functions


Anonymous says:

Buy this for the 45 deg and depth rule, not for the square. You need to have a real square anyway. Not too impressed with this Kreg tool. I’m kinda surprised since I have other Kreg products and I love them. I’m sure you know it doesn’t come with 3 rules. Only one rule you can use any of the 3 ways in the picture. Buy it for the 45 deg and depth rule, not for the square. You need to have a real SQUARE square anyway.The reason I’m only giving this 3 stars is because the set up for SQUARE is not good fit. You insert the well made steel rule into the plastic tool for the various…

Anonymous says:

Virtually Useless Whoever thought this was a good idea was wrong – including myself. It’s virtually useless as anything but a 45 and a level. In every other configuration the knob is in the way or the way it’s made doesn’t allow it to lie flat. Constantly having to unscrew the knob all the way in order to change configurations is a pain in the butt.I like most Kreg products but this one is a massive fail.

Anonymous says:

Save wear and tear on your measuring tape. This has been a handy tool across many trades while I’ve been building a large addition my house. It has mainly served as a depth gauge and quick level. As far as being a square? Use a square if you need a square, and after I read the reviews complaining about this tool not being square, I chalked that up to inexperience on the part of the users. Here is a quick list of great things it did for me and others on the job site:- Laying a line to rip-trim a board or siding. The old tape and…

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