Navaris Titanium Spork Camping Utensil – 3-in-1 Fork, Spoon, Knife Cutlery Combo – Lightweight Metal Silverware for Backpacking, Hiking, Outdoors

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A must for any camping kit, the Navaris titanium spork is not just a spoon and a fork – it also includes a serrated edge that can be used as a knife. Saves on precious space and weight in your backpack.DOUBLE-ENDED SPORK AND KNIFEThis metal spork includes all your camping utensils into one handy package – which means it’s easy to transport when you’re outdoors or on the go. Take it
along on backpack trips, day hikes or even just in a bagged lunch.ULTRA LIGHT DESIGNThe Navaris 3-in-1 spork is made of lightweight titanium metal. Those ounces add up when you’re packing a bag or carrying gear, so here is an easy way to cut
out some extra weight.COMPACT AND PORTABLEA combo all-in-one piece is so much simpler than lugging an entire set of silverware. The Navaris spork slips into your bag or backpack, and even comes with a
carrying pouch.BUILT TO LASTMetal cutlery is perfect for camping and outdoors, and is more durable than forks and knives made of plastic. This metal spork is sure to last you for many
years.REUSABLEIdeal as a replacement for disposable utensils.SPECIFICATIONSMeasurements: 7.5″ x 1.6″ (19 x 4 cm)Weight: 1.06 oz (30 g)Material: TitaniumSCOPE OF DELIVERY1x Titanium camping spork1x Mesh carry bag

Product Features

  • SPORK AND KNIFE: This 3-in-1 metal spork includes a serrated edge on the side of the fork, so your fork, spoon and knife camping utensils are combined into one. Great for backpacking, hiking, outdoor picnics and more.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: Made of super light titanium metal, which means you won’t be weighed down by cumbersome silverware while hiking or backpacking outdoors. The Navaris titanium spork is just 1.06 oz (30g).
  • PRODUCT DETAILS: Measurements – 7.5″ x 1.6″ (19 x 4 cm); Weight – 1.06 oz (30 g); Material – Titanium. Includes a mesh carry bag.
  • PORTABLE: With all your cutlery together in one combo piece, you’ll save space on outdoor travel, trips or even everyday packed lunches. The spork even comes with its own transport pouch.
  • DURABLE: Metal utensils are built to last and this is no exception. Sturdier than plastic or wood, this clever combination spork and knife is sure to last you for many years to come.


Anonymous says:

Not well thought out. The spoon shape is very flat. It doesn’t hold soup well. The prongs of the fork look a bit odd but works fine. it feels very brittle, like it will snap easily.

Anonymous says:

Great budget option for a Ti 3-in-1 I use this for backpacking in the woods, travel in my daily routine, and just in general. This is a good solid option. Similar in size to the 30g large plastic sporks except it has a nice amount of perforation on the knife side to cut things. I always try to simplify things and add some efficiency everywhere I can and having a 3-in-1 untensil that allows me to not have to wash multiple utensils or use a lot of plasticware is really nice!Cons: As always these backpacking sporks with the…

Anonymous says:

Lightweight and sturdy I got this to use at work; I work on a film set where we are constantly given disposable plastic utensils to eat with. I like this spork and have been using it consistently. The knife is pretty good for cutting, and the only drawback is that like any single utensil if you use the fork and spoon you have to wipe them off before you switch. I’m vegan, so I don’t know how it would work with meat, but for my purposes it’s very good.

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