Onwon Geometry Compass Set with Beam Extension Bar Combination Compass Kit for Solid and Plane Geometry Precision Tool for Drawing, Drafting, Math and Geometry

March 5, 2020 - Comment
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Product Features

  • Geometry compass set includes 2 bow compasses, an extension beam, interchangeable attachments, a slip handle for pens, pencils, stylus or markers. Ideal for studying drafting, architectural design, and construction engineering.
  • Material: with this high quality steel metal compass allows you to accurately set the size of the circle you need and hold it. Do not using a cheap plastic compass that can’t hold the shape for even a single circle and forces you to have to try again.
  • Extra features: includes a sharpener for container for lead, so as to easily be able to always have sharp lead for precise and accurate drawings of circles and arcs.Also includes a ruling pen attachment that can be attached to the included slip handle.
  • Sometimes you need to think bigger: its arc can extend up to 22 feet in diameter by an extension beam which is attached to bow compass.
  • Include 1 transparent plastic box, the size of box is 8.7 x 4.1 x 0.8inch, small and lightweight, convenient to put in schoolbag, briefcase or carry with you.


Anonymous says:

presicion good product

Anonymous says:

Practical Very practical for several projects including arts and crafts. However it looks roughly constructed.

Anonymous says:

Nice kit. Nice versatile kit. Holds its width perfectly for my needs. I use it to scratch/score metal sheets.

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