OPG3 Fire-Fiber Moldable Fire Starter Putty (Red, 2 oz)

January 3, 2020 - Comment
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Product Features

  • 🔥 EMERGENCY FIRE STARTER: Be prepared with our Fire-Fiber moldable fire starter putty. Fire-Fiber is a great addition to any survival gear set, emergency kit, 72-hour kit, or prepper bag. It can also be used in barbecue and charcoal cooking. Simply mold and light the putty using a lighter, match, or even flint and steel, and you’ll have your fire going in no time.
  • 🔥 OUTDOOR ADVENTURING: Starting a fire can sometimes be challenging, especially in harsh weather. Fire-Fiber makes it easy and is a perfect solution for outdoorsmen, backpackers, survivalists, hunters, campers, and hikers.
  • 🔥 WEATHER-VERSATILE: Fire-Fiber is waterproof and made to burn in virtually all weather conditions. Get your fire started amidst rain, wind, and snow, in all four seasons, in hot or cold temperatures, and at high altitudes.
  • 🔥 LONG-LASTING : A proprietary blend of non-toxic materials, Fire-Fiber has been tested to burn longer and stronger than the competition, making it easy to get a fire started even in harsh conditions or with damp tinder or wood. A small amount of the putty goes a long way, with a 1 gram ball lasting approximately 4-5 minutes.
  • 🔥 CONVENIENT: Fire-Fiber is ultra lightweight, compact, and portable, making it superior to lighter fluids, fire starter logs, and other similar alternatives. The putty is moldable, pliable, and sticky enough to stick on logs, torches, or tinder, but leaves little to no residue on one’s hands.


Anonymous says:

Great product in a small container! I’ve tried a few different fire starters. Fire fiber works great! I bought some for myself this winter to use in my wood fireplace. Sometimes my wood pile gets a little damp and this helped get it going. I definitely recommend to anyone. A little bit goes a long ways and the package is easy to fit in your pack if you are camping or hiking.

Anonymous says:

Great fire starting compound to add to your kit!

Customer Video Review Length:: 1:48 Mins It works as described! Burns hot, easy to ignite with a lighter, but a ferro rod works as well.

Anonymous says:

Excellent Exactly what I was expecting. High quality container . This is going to be perfect for scouts. I am a cubmaster for our local pack and we are always looking for new products. But this will be a regular purchase.

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