Outdoor Research Sombriolet Sun Hat, Khaki, X-Large

January 10, 2020 - Comment
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SolarShield Construction: UPF 50+, Products with the UPF symbol are made of UV-resistant fabrics that protect the wearer from exposure to intense sunlight, and are constructed for maximum protection. Keep your noggin protected when you�re on the water or portaging to the next entry point. UPF 50+ protects you from intense sun while strategically placed vents and wicking fabric in the crown keep you cool and dry. Piping along the brim edge offers greater wind resistance when a summer storm brews unexpectedly.

Product Features

  • Nylon, polyester blend
  • Vented, sun protection
  • UPF 50+, mesh lined crown and TransAction headband for comfort and moisture management, vents in crown for ventilation.
  • Made in China


Anonymous says:

A hat for the garden…. I own several of these Outdoor Research Sombriolet Sun Hats. I wanted a stylish hat to wear out and about. I have taken good care of them; but, this is what I have learned about this hat: It has good sun coverage; but there are issues with it. The sides of the hat are not flat and curve up which does not look as good as a normal flat hat, in my opinion. The air pocket in the back of the hat puckers a lot, looks strange and is not becoming. The hat brim is flimsy and not reinforced with…

Anonymous says:

Fantastic hat for outdoor work and recreation, great customer service! My work has me in the great outdoors on a daily basis. Now, I love the great outdoors (wouldn’t have the job, otherwise), but, am of Bavarian German descent. Three things that Bavarian Germans are exceptionally good at:1. Brewing beer2. Making sausages3. Acquiring sunburnsThrough whatever twist of genetics, all of me tans darkly after my first day out in the summer, granting me some protection from sunburn for the rest of the year… except the part of my…

blank Anonymous says:

Not perfect, but OR’s Sombriolet Sun hat is very close I’ve been working as a marine and terrestrial “field biologist,” mostly outdoors in South Florida, since 1979. Exposure to this much sun is an issue, and the sooner you recognize and take measures to deal with that, the longer you’ll be able to enjoy working and playing outdoors. A hat like this may seem pretty expensive to the young or inexperienced, but after the dermatologists start cutting bits and pieces off of you, you may realize a hat like this is very inexpensive health insurance…

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