OutShovel Military Survival Folding Shovel for Outdoor, Camping, Hiking, Backpacking, Fishing, Gardening, Hunting, Snow-Removing, Tactical Army Surplus Multitool, Car Emergency Spade (Large)

March 5, 2020 - Comment
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Shovel- Multi-use shovel that can be used 3 ways- As a spade shovel, as a hoe and as a trencher.
Axe- Chop down trees or just cut wood- Large 4″ cutting surface.
Saw- Cut into any kind of wood- Very sharp-double serrated edge- Can even cut a 2×4 in half.
Hoe- Dig your way out of any situation- Easily dig a 5″ wide trench.
Knife- Use for any cutting or self-protection- Super sharp Carbon Steel.
Wire Cutter- Fences do get in the way- Can even cut 8-gauge wire.
Bottle Opener- Yes, we need this one for sure.
Fire Starter- Cooking food, keeping warm and boiling water-Has a replaceable magnesium flint- Just a couple strikes, and you will have a roaring fire ASAP.
Whistle- Scare off wildlife or call for help- Loud 130db+ high-frequency pitch.
Glass Breaker- Only in emergency.
Fish Scaler- Easy when you have one- Easy to use.
Screwdriver- Phillips shape head ready for screws.
Hammer- Hammer time.
Can Opener- For food or drink.
Self Protection- Arm yourself for any situation, even Zombies- Can use any part of the shovel, knife or ice picker for self defense.
Package list:
1*Emergency Hammer
1*Phillips screwdriver
1*Non-slip Handel
1*Extension Rod
1*Fish scaler Knife
1*Ice Pick
1*Shovel Board
1*Storage Bag

It comes with a carrying case with gear loops which can put or hang it in the corner.Design for exploring, camping, traveling, hiking, garden,driving emergent tools.It is also great for keeping in your vehicle in case of getting stuck in snow/mud.
1x Shovel
1x carrying case

What a versatile hiking and camping tool for all outdoor lovers!
A gift for family and friends.

Product Features

  • Buy 2 Get 1 Free: Buy 2 Large Get 1 Small Free: Add 2 Large and 1 Small both to Cart, the final order checkout page you will see -9.99, then get the small free. Special offers: Here’s how: Promotion Details
  • Portable: Put in a bag, this shovel is easy to carry.It is a perfect portable shovel for all kinds of outdoor activities, such as,camping, hiking.
  • Multi-Function: Shovel bag is an emergency tool bag in lots of situation. Divided into many parts, the shovel has multi-functions not just simply as a shovel. It can be used as hammer, saw, knife and screwdriver.
  • Size Adjustable: Multi-function shovel has 3 types of assembly methods, size can be adjusted into 38.8cm(15.27inch),56cm(22inch) and 72cm(28.35 inch); Rod can be adjusted angle of 45/90/180°.
  • Guarantee:Customer satisfaction is our priority, money back guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied.


Anonymous says:

Fairly small shovel This shovel is pretty small – which is good and bad. Compact for storage in your vehicle, but pretty small for digging. It is cool that is has various surfaces to act as a saw, hatchet, bottle opener, fire sparker, etc.

Anonymous says:

Great for camping and off-roading This thing is cool it all works good. I would say you would want to dig a hole in the back yard with it but it does work and will get you out of whatever your stuck in or in need of a knife and flint it’s all there and is a great price!!

Anonymous says:

Very solid. What the military’s stool should’ve been. Just received today for a trip this weekend. So four stars for a well made camp tool until I put it through the paces for the weekend.I spend a lot of time camping and in high elevation areas due to my love for the outdoors. I camp, hike, fish, and track.Initial reaction is this little guy is going to be hard to beat at this price point. It is fairly solid and a tad heavy, too heavy for light backpacking. The threads seem damn near perfect for the telescoping handles but…

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